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On my mind – unusual spaces, seeds & no kindling

Posted by on Thursday 17 February 2011 in growing | 8 comments

Rhonda on Down To Earth has a weekly “on my mind” photo feature – an illustration about what we’re all thinking about today. She’s been thinking about handmade, handstitched linens today, I’ve been thinking about …

strange spaces in the garden, epitomised by this ledge behind the greenhouse. I want to increase the amount of things we grow in the garden, which means using all our space as efficiently as possible. This space is small but gets good sun – I could put herb pots on there or make a trough/window box to fit there instead. It wouldn’t be very accessible for picking things from it in the summer though – but I’d like some flowers in the garden to attract bees so maybe this is a good place for them.

I’ve been thinking about this today because this box is praying on my mind –

It’s sorted in planting order but I haven’t decided where everything is going yet or started preparing the beds…

Away from growing, I’ve also been thinking about our empty kindling boxes.

It’s my job to keep them filled them up but I’ve been slack of late… Must make time to refill them tomorrow!


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  1. Dmarie

    I’m a terrible procrastinator myself. Here’s hoping you got your to-dos done!


  2. Catherine

    I told my family that I would not stack wood or kindling when we got the wood heater. It was there job -I would just keep it stoked up with fuel all the time. It would seem everyone ignored me and I have to stack my own wood and kindling.I know what you are going though ; -) Popped over from Rhonda’s blog to say Hi.

  3. Bethany Dopp

    My spring planting has been on my mind a lot too. I have never been so eager to get out there as I am this year!

  4. louisa

    Hi guys, thanks for popping by.

    Catherine: we’ve got an informal agreement that John does the sawing, we share any splitting that needs to happen (because it’s fun ;) ) and I do the kindling, so I’m the naughty one around here ;)

    Bethany: me too! So many plans!

  5. rhonda Hetzel

    Hi Louisa. That’s a really good shelf for a row of something. Does it get good sun? It’s exciting to know our growing seasons will start soon. It’s always a busy time of year.

  6. RobynK

    Just popped over from Rhonda’s blog. If you can grow them there Nasturtiums are a nice little vine with peppery flowers that you can eat in salads and they are also very attractive to bees. Other bugs like them too so aphids congregate on the leaves instead of on your veges and you just pick the leaves and crush the aphids. I find I have to refill the kindling box too but I draw the line at chopping the wood!

  7. Mary

    I always run out of space in my yard! You will find the perfect planting for that spot!

  8. louisa

    Hi Rhonda, yes, it gets pretty good sun so there are a lot of options.

    Love the idea of Nasturiums, RobynK – especially for their bug attraction attributes! I’ve heard about pickling nasturiums seed pods too – so many uses.

    Mary – I keep thinking I’m running out of space too – then I see new spots that could be utilised. My next woodworking project is to build a ladder thing so I can have many tiers of plants in one spot :)

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