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This week’s meal plan – garden a go go!

Posted by on Monday 27 June 2011 in weekly meal plans | 8 comments

Our first Swillington Farm meat box arrived last Thursday night – all the (fresh) meat we’re eating this week (and hopefully for the next three weeks!) will come from that. Most of it went in the freezer so we’ll have it across the month and like a veg box, we don’t have any choice in what’s in there, so it should encourage us to some try different things. We had some of the bacon & some of the sausages for breakfast over the weekend and I also jointed the chicken – we froze the breasts (which each weighed over 250g/half a lb!) and had the rest on Saturday/Sunday. Tuesday’s soup comes from stock from the carcass – it was supposed to be for eating today but it’s far too hot for that today!

As for the title for this one – the garden is finally providing! We’ve been having spots of salad for a few weeks (much later than last year for some reason) but various things are finally starting to shine. I think there is something from our garden – either veg or eggs – in every meal, hurrah :)

Sunday breakfast – eggs & sausage
Sunday lunch – leftover chicken & potatoes, with homegrown garlicky broad beans & salad
Sunday dinner – dining out – curry

Monday lunchmarrow flower fritters with salad
Monday dinner – rump steak with purple sprouting broccoli, homegrown potatoes, broad beans & salad

Tuesday lunch – chicken & sweetcorn soup
Tuesday dinner – pasta with chorizo, pepper & homegrown courgette

Wednesday lunch – leftover chicken & sweetcorn soup
Wednesday dinner – chicken jalfrezi with lemon rice

Thursday lunch – bread & meat with broad bean salad
Thursday dinner – leftover chicken jalfrezi with lemon rice

Friday lunch – curried egg mayo with bread
Friday dinner – homemade pizza, with salad


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  1. strowger

    tuesday lunchtime you have 3 visitors….

    what’s a good way to quickly feed several visitors? and also please your black furry people?

    just wondering if you had any ideas.

  2. louisa

    Yes, I’ve just learnt that fact. Thanks for screwing up my meal plan, Brightbox techheads ;)

    It means I’ll also have to actually tidy my desk as I have been promising for months now and maybe move a pile of John’s underwear off the little desk. (It’s clean but I still think it’ll be best to move it, yes?)

  3. Linda

    Quick feed for many= eggs on toast or any variation on the egg+bread theme!

    • louisa

      We have that for breakfast a lot – it’s so good! Last week I poached-in-the-microwave a freshly laid egg for breakfast – by the sounds of the early “I’ve laid!” squawks, it went from being laid to being eaten within no more than 15 minutes – hurrah for eggs!

  4. Karen M

    My quick feed lots of folk is a bistro salad. Good greens, snappy vinagrette, crutons and bacon if you got it. Little bit of cheese tossed in. Then you serve it with a sunny-side egg on top.

    • louisa

      Sounds yum – one of my favourite lunches is a similar salad with chorizo instead of bacon, and with a lightly poached egg on it – the yolk becomes almost salad dressing and I guess the principle is the same here.

      • Hazel

        And if you have cold boiled potatoes in the fridge, cube them and saute and add instead of croutons…

        It might have to be egg and salad for lunch now; I’ve made myself feel hungry!

  5. louisa

    We had marrow flower fritters for lunch yesterday as planned – and I used the opportunity to take some new photos for my recipe of it — oh my, it was yummy: http://www.thereallygoodlife.com/130/johns-grandmas-marrow-flower-fritters/

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