Where growing, making & good living come together

louisa and johnHi, welcome to The Really Good Life.  I’m Louisa and I live really well – but frugally.

I’m frugal, I always have been.  About 80% of the stuff I buy is either on offer/sale or is second-(or third, or fourth)-hand.  My reusing & recycling obsession largely stems from this: it’s just so inefficient in every way to spend money buying something new when you can reuse something you’ve already got.

But I also like nice things – pretty things – and I like to eat well.  That’s where this blog comes from: the idea of living well but living frugally and sustainably.

The name of this blog was originally going to be something highfaluting and fancy but when I thought about it, really thought about it, I realised it boils down to this: I’m living a Really Good Life.

Like Tom & Barbara, my boyfriend John & I live in a city (specifically squished between two industrial cities), we grow our own veg, we have chickens and we live cheaply & sustainable – but with tasty food & pretty things, inside of nasty homemade wine and scratchy woollen underwear.

This blog is about the journey I’m making – because it is a journey – my thoughts, my advice/recommendations, my mistakes, my questions (that hopefully other people will be able to answer!) – and I hope you enjoy it.