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Back in July, I wrote about our efforts to make our pets zero waste, starting with the dog. Switching between food types recently has made me think about the chickens and waste. Food We buy layers pellets in 20kg or 25kg bags. These are usually plastic sacks, which can, for now be reused around the [...]

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A few weeks ago, I found out that our local water company Yorkshire Water was giving away some water-saving gizmos to its customers. Our water isn’t metered here so we’re not interested in saving water to save money, but more interested in it from a green point of view — and I guess getting into [...]

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Environmental blogger The Crunchy Chicken is having a line drying challenge for readers of her blog next month – getting people to give up their default use of clothes dryers and make them think about greener alternatives instead. From both the green and frugal perspectives, I fully support the idea but think it’s a strange [...]

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This is another cross-post between The Really Good Life and my recycling blog, How Can I Recycle This? The first stage of the recycling triangle is Reduce – reduce the amount of things you buy/use and buy items that’ll last and can be repaired rather than ones that need replacing frequently. A key rule of [...]

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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about drying ox heart and other offal to make dog treats for our springer spaniel, Lily. We adopted Lily from the Dogs Trust in March and she very quickly made herself a core member of the household – and here, that means being green and frugal :) Food [...]

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This is cross-posted to my reusing & recycling blog, Recycle This, in its ‘Reduce This‘ category. I’ve reached the end … of my shampoo bottle and our mayonnaise jar. And it made me wonder… Every vaguely-frugal family has their own tricks for getting those last bits of gloop, sauce, oil or whatever out of jars [...]

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