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Last week I mentioned in passing that I had another go at cold smoking using my fantastic cold smoke generator. We very much enjoyed the cheese so I wanted to do more of that – but I also wanted to try a couple of other things too, namely eggs and chillis. Following the directions in [...]

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I had a couple of days off this week – to do some fun stuff and some less than fun stuff. First off, one with a picture illustration (even if it is just a quick phone camera snap), I added a quick-and-easy new perch to the chicken run and Blue took to it immediately. I [...]

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My last post about cold smoking cheese left off when the cheese was coming out of the smoker. All the guides I read recommended leaving it to rest for the flavours to develop – at an absolute minimum overnight but ideally a least a week. So I wrapped up the smokey sticks in parchment paper, [...]

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Today, I’ve: Built a cold-smoking cabinet/mini-smoke house Cursed the sun because just as I finished the latter, it came out and made it too hot to cold smoke cheese without it melting all over the place Cleaned out the chicken coop Hung out a load of washing, which, of course, caused the sun to go [...]

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I’ve been intrigued by the idea of curing & smoking food for a while but I only started to seriously consider doing it when Martin from Old Sleningford Farm mentioned a) how cheap cheddar can be transformed by a little time in a smoker and b) how easy it is to build a garden smokehouse. [...]

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