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Frozen beck, unfrozen pipes

Posted by on Thursday 23 December 2010 in DIY | 2 comments

I took these pictures of the beck (stream) at the bottom of our garden yesterday afternoon.

(Downstream/upstream respectively)

And I took this picture of the water pipe in our kitchen after we’d finished mopping up 3 mop buckets of water from the kitchen floor.



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  1. Taphophile

    Ah Louisa, what an absolutely awful thing to happen. Hope you get it fixed speedily and have a lovely Christmas anyway. Thanks so much for your blog – I enjoy coming into your life a wee bit so very much.

    • louisa

      Hi Taphophile, thanks for such lovely words!

      The pipe’s fixed now – thankfully it burst in an easily accessible place (a foot further along the pipe and we’d have been ripping out cupboards) and John’s dad came over this afternoon to replace it. It could have been a lot worse – and a lot more expensive!

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