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Meal planning: this week’s menu

Posted by on Sunday 13 February 2011 in cooking, weekly meal plans | 3 comments

Ok, last week – our first attempt at sticking to a meal plan – was a bit of a failure. It went up in flames on day TWO. We’d forgotten John was going out in the afternoon/evening for a talk so had to change lunch to make it more filling (and some people came for lunch too), and I worked late and forgot I was supposed to make the casserole anyway (John ate the sausages for breakfasts instead). Aside from that though (and having to find something else on Thursday, which was supposed to be leftover casserole day), we stuck to it and it worked well — I knew on Friday afternoon that I’d have to take a break mid-afternoon to start the pizza dough rather than waiting to start until the evening, and it had plenty of time to rise beautifully.

Here is our plan for this week – and hopefully there won’t be any unexpected events!

Sunday brunch – bacon butties, mmm bacon
Sunday dinner – courgette & chorizo frittata, with salad

Monday lunchfalafel in pittas with raita (made with leftover yoghurt), with salad leftover chicken from Saturday night, with rice
Monday dinner – fry up (leftover bacon, mushrooms, hash browns, beans, & eggs – breakfast for dinner ;) )

Tuesday lunch – sigh, I’m going to just accept it – fish and chips probably; if not, something with hard boiled eggs as we’ve some older ones to use up
Tuesday dinner – chicken & bean enchiladas, with salad

Wednesday lunch – bread with a selection of cheese, meat & pickles (our default lunch option)
Wednesday dinner – (I’m out until 10pm) leftover enchiladas, with salad

Thursday lunch – John will probably be out; I’ll have the same as Wednesday
Thursday dinner – pasta with tuna, olives, chillis & parmesan

Friday lunch – something with eggs – scrambled eggs with chorizo? boiled eggs? tbc!
Friday dinner – burgers with salad

(Not planning for Saturday & Sunday this week as I’m out all day both days; I imagine John will have eggs for brunch then possibly go out or get take out later in the day.)


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  1. jan

    Thank you for this -it sounds like a meal plan I could use-our kids are in the process of leaving home and we are trying to adapt to a leaner shopping list and a barer looking fridge! Will add the odd jacket potato /soup for lunch as these are our standbys.

  2. Karen M

    Looks good. See you are trying to use up eggs – did this soup a couple of weeks back -http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2010/12/roasted-garlic-soup-with-chorizo-poached-egg-recipe.html

    Truly a good one! Fair cost per serving and also used lup some dry bread.

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