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Charity shop finds: two fruitbowls and a vintage cookbook

Posted by on Monday 26 July 2010 in charity shopping | 0 comments

Another Saturday afternoon charity shopping in Shipley – and another few select purchases.

It was, stangely, an afternoon for buying wooden fruit bowls. The first one – the bottom one – was £2.50 from Scope, the second (and to be honest, nicer) one was £2.40 from BHF. As soon as I got back to John, he said “but we have a fruit bowl. And we don’t eat fruit” – which is largely true but I’d imagined using them as general storage bowls not fruit bowls, per se.

I also got a vintage cookbook from the crazy randomness that is the JOY shop. The book is apparently a spin-off from a Yorkshire TV cooking show in the 1970s and when I flicked through it in the shop, the first two recipes I saw were for candied ginger marrow and marrow & tomato chutney. Since I’m looking for different marrow recipes at the moment, I thought “ace! many marrow recipes!” and happily handed over my 50p. Turns out those are the only two marrow recipes in it. Ah well. There are some other interesting preserve recipes in it – and a section on homebrewing/fruit wine making too.

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