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Busy Sunday

Posted by on Sunday 25 July 2010 in cooking, eating, growing | 0 comments

Today, I’ve:

  • Built a cold-smoking cabinet/mini-smoke house
  • Cursed the sun because just as I finished the latter, it came out and made it too hot to cold smoke cheese without it melting all over the place
  • Cleaned out the chicken coop
  • Hung out a load of washing, which, of course, caused the sun to go in
  • Jumped for joy because the lack of sun meant I could start smoking
  • Started smoking three types of cheese (more on this in another post)

  • Supervised John making his first loaf of bread
  • Planted out various things from the porch – most notably leeks (a bit late but between the weather and their skinniness, I had to wait a while)
  • Sowed spring cabbages & more kale
  • Harvested the last of the bolted spinach and gave it to the delighted chickens
  • Sowed more spinach for us to have as salad and the chickens after that
  • Weeded the long bed
  • Planted out some more squashes (again, a bit later but there are so many of them, I’ve been trying to stagger them a bit… hopefully work out ok)
  • Rearranged the plants in the sun-porch so everything gets better access to light
  • Harvested some courgettes, potatoes, salad and herbs to fulfil ones of my goals for the year: make a meal using only things I’ve grown & foraged
  • Made said meal
  • Enjoyed said meal
  • Marvelled at how said meal was not only measured in feed metres not miles, it was also zero waste
  • Written this list

And it’s still only 6pm – there is still plenty of the day left for more fun antics!

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