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This week’s meal plan: the coming-and-going one

Posted by on Monday 21 March 2011 in weekly meal plans | 2 comments

We stuck to the plan much better last week than the week before – not perfectly but much better.

As well as continuing DIY madness (which is proving to be more disruptive than we thought), John’s out at a conference for three days midweek (and we’ve got a friend staying over to go to it too) and I’m starting to be get into crunch mode for the play I’m working on so we’ll be coming and going a lot. I’d still like to have a plan to avoid slipping over to the easy junk food option but I have a lot less inclination to cook for myself though and I think this is reflected in the easy/less-than-varied choices.

Sunday dinner: pasta with herby sausages, peppers & olives

Monday lunch: curried egg mayo sandwiches
Monday dinner: chicken fried rice

Tuesday lunch: leftover fried rice (assuming there is some) or a toastie
Tuesday dinner: homemade pizza (since the friend is over and that was one of the things we swapped out last week) or possibly a curry with some more friends, as they’re in town for the film festival

Wednesday late-lunch: pasta with tuna & olives
Wednesday supper: (John out at the conference dinner, I’m rehearsing ’til 10) crackers & cheese

Thursday lunch: leftover tuna pasta
Thursday dinner: tortilla, with sweet potato, wild garlic & chorizo, with side salad

Friday lunch: samosas & salad
Friday dinner: company meal out (Little Tokyo in Leeds, mmm!)


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  1. Lygia

    Hey there,

    i just checked your blog and it’s great…

    but since you’re concerned with sustainability, you could include a no-meat day. i know your daily routine and lifestyle already means a lot for environment, but that’s just a suggestion. =)

    see you! (i’ll be visiting a lot)

    • louisa

      Hi Lygia,

      John and I were both vegetarians for a number of years so we have a number of veggie dishes in our standard repertoire — I will admit they’re not trotted out as much as they could be but we’ve talked about doing a Meat Free Monday or whatever, and don’t feel we need scheduled impetus.

      Last week for example, we didn’t exactly stick to the plan towards the end of the week but my main meals on Wednesday & Friday were veggie/fish, and Saturday & Sunday were all veggie. So not a dedicated completely veggie day but certainly not meat at every meal either.

      As I said above, I do admit that we could have more veggie meals though so I will try harder to include them.

      Thanks for your comment :)


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