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Chicken, this is nephew; nephew, this is chicken

Posted by on Monday 21 March 2011 in chickens | 5 comments

Our 13-month-old nephew has been eating our chickens’ eggs for a little while but he only met them properly for the first time on Saturday. He took his suddenly-beloved-soon-forgotten spoon along for the introduction.

He’s met Lily/dogs a good number of times before but as well as meeting Lime the chicken, he also met his first up-close cat on Saturday too – he seemed to like Carla-cat a lot and considering she’s a ‘fraidy one, she didn’t seem to mind him either :)


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  1. Karen M

    Thank you! This gave me such a warm feeling this morning. Brings me back. I grew up knowing where my food came from – including saying goodbye and thanks many times. I never had kids, but friends and family who did or still are, have done the same. This is a wonderful gift you’ve started giving this child. Keep it up! (I’m even kind of misty and I’m not the misty sort.)

  2. sara

    Aw thats so lovely..its a good feeling to do that…you are now laying a foundation memory for him..he will not be scared or worried by them..but infact when he gets bigger he can say that my aunty showed me that or my aunty has chickens..you will be pivotal in that memory..so good for you..and good for your nephew too…

  3. Solway Recycling

    That look of pure wonder is worth it’s weight in gold. Thanks for sharing with everyone.

  4. Chris

    He’s a little trooper! The look of pure wonder is awesome. He’ll be coming for more regular chicken meets as often as possible (especially now the weather is picking up!). I’m going to show him what seed sowing is all about soon. He might try to eat them (like he did with the seed for the chickens!) but at least he can share the experience of planting, watching them grow and then eating the produce. Kids are never too young to be showing them new things!

  5. louisa

    The “look of pure wonder” – are you guys talking about the little guy or the chicken? I think it’s “what on earth is that?!!” going both ways ;)

    Chris: I’ll do you a copy of all the photos – plenty of other cute ones I didn’t use on here :)


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