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An afternoon of sowing and potting on

Posted by on Thursday 14 April 2011 in growing | 3 comments

Just so I’ve got a record of what has been planted/potted on and when — and what I have to do on Sunday.


  • Achocha – weee, I’ve been super-excited about these since I heard about them from The Cottage Smallholder
  • Borage – for my mini forest garden bed
  • Broccoli – misc cheap variety
  • Broccoli Rabb/Rapini – only heard about this at the weekend but very excited about them
  • Carrots – just a misc variety I picked up for 75% off late last year
  • Courgettes – two hybrid varieties (Cavali F1 and Parthenon F1)
  • Dwarf beans – some from the packet, some from saved seed
  • Marigolds – I don’t normally do flowers but a good companion plant. Winning of the weirdest seeds of the day award – they looked like baby octopus tentacles.
  • Oregano – winning the tiniest seeds of the day award
  • Perpetual spinach – leftover from last year, not sure how they’ll do
  • Sweet peas – the only other flower generally allowed here

Potted on:

  • Butternut squash
  • Cucumbers batch #2

To sow at the weekend:

To be potted on/transplanted at the weekend:

  • Tomatoes – first batch big ones and the smaller second batch ones
  • Swiss chard
  • Beetroot
  • Potatoes – well, not transplanted on but the very earlies need levelling up


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  1. sara

    Hi louisa..well you are a busy bee..must be catching..we have been to the lotties and spuds are doing well,as are onions,shallots,beans etc..in the greenhouse our toms and cucumbers are growing a apace..we potted on our sprouts,cabbages,cauliflowers today..got lots of pots all over the greenhouse and garden..its nice though,makes what we are doing very worth while..
    love to you

    • louisa

      My greenhouse & living room window sill/window seat are full of seedlings and our porch is getting that way too — I’ll be glad when it can all go outside but it is nice, isn’t it?, to think all this work will pay off soon.

      Have you had anything from your garden/allotment this season?

  2. sara

    Hi there..yes we have had from the lotties so far

    I am this yr going to record what we get from the lotties as i was overwhelmed with it all last year and totally forgot ..much more organized this year..
    It is so lovely to watch it all start from little seeds to potting on to planting out to harvesting it and then eating it,pickling,jamming it..makes me feel proud to provide good,healthy,home grown food for my family..

    Have you had anything yet?

    love sara

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