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Mini goals for June

Posted by on Friday 3 June 2011 in goals | 7 comments


1. Transfer Cash ISA to new provider
Been meaning to do this for a little while. I love my current bank’s ethical policy but their interest rate is appalling. I’m going to try to find somewhere still reasonably hippy-friendly but a little more generous.

2. Transfer to new energy company
Our cheap offer tariff has come to an end so we’re being shifted onto standard – time to move! I’ve used a comparison site and every single option will cost us more – so I’m going to explore cashback options to offset the hike.


3. “Clean slate” tidy the bedroom
The bedroom has been an utter tip – even by my generally untidy standards – since we started refitting the bathroom in February. We still don’t have any cupboard space in the bathroom yet so all the things that usually live in there are strewn throughout the bedroom, on the landing and in the spare room. The bedroom stuff is the worst – not only is it cluttering it up, it’s stopping other stuff going where it should go and encouraging further clutter. The cupboards *should* be built in the next few days so once all that’s out, I think the bedroom needs some love.

4. Finish painting the bathroom
Like Laura, we keep putting this off – but when the cupboards are in, we’ll really have no excuse not to finish it all off! Once it’s painted, we can “finish” it off completely – refit the radiator, seal everywhere, put up mirrors/artwork — can’t wait!

Growing, eating, making and chickening

5. Fill all my planters with soil – and plants!
I’ve got a lot of empty planters at the moment – waiting until stuff is ready to be planted out. But frankly, if it doesn’t happen in June, it’s not going to happen. I think there will be more than enough plants to go around – but if there are any empties, more quick salad leaves are always useful.

6. Learn how to poach an egg
I have never done this successfully. I would like to be able to do this successfully. If only I had a steady supply of really fresh eggs… oh wait!

Have you got any mini goals for this month? Do you have a foolproof poached egg method? ;)


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  1. Debbie

    Currently thinking about this month’s goals, to be posted after the weekend probably.

    I have tried growing veg in a small way in previous years – cucumbers and tomatoes did well, salad leaves, basil, radish, broccoli, runner beans all decimated by snals and slugs. Any tips? I don’t want to use nasty chemicals…

  2. Su

    I use the hairy bikers method for poached eggs (I have no idea how I saw it in the first place since I have no tv). Bring your water up to a gentle simmer, put your egg(s) into the water, still in their shells for 10 seconds. This apparently firms up the white, just enough to keep its shape. Crack the egg(s) into a cup (not a mug) or small bowl and gently slide the eggs into the water. This is the only way that I can do poached eggs, you should see them otherwise – disaster!
    Never mind mini goals, I decided to strip the front door, why oh why? 10 hours later and I haven’t even removed all the old paint, never mind sand, fill and re-paint it. At this rate I will be at it for ages. My only consolation is that at least I am outside whilst I am doing it.

  3. louisa

    Debbie: I don’t have any slugs and snails secrets I’m afraid. All my peas & beans, except for broad beans, got eaten by slugs & snails last year – I’ve just pretty much admitted defeat and am not growing any this year. One of my basil plants got eaten this year so I moved the others elsewhere until they were bigger to survive an attack. I try to grow my salad leaves in an otherwise desert wasteland for slugs – on the balcony or far up the paved area so there’s less likely to be passing slugs. I’m not sure how effective that is though – think it’s more likely that they’re doing ok this year because it’s been so dry…

    Su: That sounds like a good method – a combination of a couple of other things I’ve read. Will start with that one! Thanks!

  4. laura|move to portugal

    Good luck with your goals this month…I poach eggs in a frying pan with about an inch of water and gently coerce them into shape after dropping them in the pan..but you probably shouldn’t take cooking advice from me!! lol :)

  5. Clare

    When you say ‘sucessfully’ what are you wanting to achieve in poached egg terms? Mine come out lovely (if I say so myself), all lacy like Miss Havisham’s wedding dress.

    I use a very fresh egg. I put a bit of vinegar or a lot of salt in the water, which I bring to a rolling boil, and then I stir it round until there’s a whirlpool. Then I quickly break in the egg (re-whirl for subsequent eggs) — the whirling keeps it all together. There’s a bit of guesswork to the cooking time, though. And remove with a slotted spoon.

  6. louisa

    laura: hehe!

    Clare: our previous poached egg efforts have resembled egg drop soup – I’d judge it a success if it looked like an egg at the end of it instead of cloudy water! :) I think we tried the whirlpool thing last time but I’ll give it another go – I will crack it (no pun intended!), I will, I will!

    • Clare

      The freshness of the egg is very important — eggs that I’ve bought more than a day or so ago don’t work. You won’t have a problem on that front, though! I learnt to poach eggs from a chef — he said that salt or vinegar in the water helps coagulate the white.

      And did I mention that I use a large and deep pan, and a full kettle of water?

      At risk of sounding smug, I was really surprised at how easy it is, given how much trouble people seem to have, and the lengths they go to. I wonder if it’s a hard-soft water thing? Or what it is.

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