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Posted by on Thursday 26 May 2011 in meta | 1 comment

I’m not really one for memes but I do like these quick summary ones that Debbie does:

Outside my window the sky has been mostly grey but lower down, the vista is green, green, green.

I am thinking about what our younger drama group would enjoy doing for their summer showcase this year: something to challenge & stretch them as well as be fun. I’ve been looking for scripts and feeling half-inspired to write something myself (but not for performance this year – too short of a time frame!).

I am thankful for the rain – and John’s help getting the washing in when the showers started.

From the kitchen pate on toast for lunch, pasta with tuna & tons of veg for dinner. Surprisingly few snacks!

I am wearing my big green hoodie. Not flattering but warm and comfy.

I am creating some 3D room designs and working on some ideas for artwork for our soon-to-be new utility room. (We’re finally converting the coal hole we found last year – expensive but it should be very much worth it.)

I am going to bed very shortly as it’s nearly 11pm and

I am reading Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld – one of my favourite books. In a parallel universe, I am American and went to boarding school – and Sittenfeld stole my diary. Such attention to detail and wonderfully drawn characters.

I am hoping that I can write something half as good as that one day.

I am hearing the builders singing along to the radio and making jokes. (Well, that’s what I was hearing for most of the day, right now I’m hearing a cat meowing to get my attention.)

Around the house there is a lot of dust!

One of my favourite things an almost-dusk walk around the woods with Lily-dog. We met some ducks, the chocolate lab with the white splodge on his nose and a very excitable cocker spaniel. Two horses – one white, one brown – were in the field, contrasting to the yellow-speckled green blanket underfoot.

A few plans for the rest of the week I want to try to get into the garden to build something tomorrow and also pot on/plant out some more plants. I’d like to go to the Saltaire Arts Trail over the weekend if possible but I’m also aware that we have work to do here and at the house we’re finally (hopefully) selling. I would like curry to feature at some point in the forthcoming long weekend too. Mmm curry.

What’s going on in your life?

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  1. Debbie

    I first saw it over at http://www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com
    I like the way you get just a little peep into someone’s daily life.
    You have really made me fancy curry now. Which is unfortunate as I am cooking tarragon chicken – too late to change it :(

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