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Bargain books and photo frames

Posted by on Tuesday 31 August 2010 in charity shopping, frugal | 0 comments

Hope everyone had a lovely long weekend – we continued our fun/unfun activities from earlier in the week: blackberrying in the gentle rain (and then having to give up half my harvest to horses, to get them to let us out of their field) & relaxing on Saturday, 10 hours of decorating at the old house on Sunday, then our normal Sunday chores/lazing on Monday.

I made a few bargainacious purchases. First up, two books from a charity shop in Shipley:

Since my September will include both a first time fishing experience and a stretching of my limited woodworking skills (I want to make more planters and maybe a bench), these finds were both well timed. There were a number of similar fishing encyclopaedias available but this one, for £2, looked about the best. I suspect I can find a lot of this information online but I like browsing through books as an introduction to the subject.

At £5, the woodworking book was a little more expensive than I’d usually spend on a book at a charity shop but aside from the glue smear on the front, it looks brand new and has an RRP of £30 (Amazon has it for just under £18). Again, I could have found a lot of the information online for free but I’d much rather take a book outside for reference while working on something than my laptop.

Finally, while buying sugar soap & scrapers from Wilkinsons on Sunday, I spotted some basic clip frames on their super-sale shelves.

I really like the idea of having a lot of photos up on a wall but nice wooden frames are so expensive when you’re thinking about buying 20 or 30 at a time. Clipframes are obviously a lot not quite as pretty but far cheaper – these were frightening cheap to start with (at 60p for three) but in the clearance bay, disturbingly cheap at 10p for a pack of three. I bought all ten packs on clearance – 30 clip frames for £1. Now to fill them with some free prints…

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