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This week’s meal plan

Posted by on Monday 25 July 2011 in weekly meal plans | 2 comments

I’ve not done meal plans for the last few weeks – it started when I wasn’t going to be here/cooking for a week during my drama-packed week earlier in the month, then I was off and on poorly for a week so not eating much, then it was my birthday week (so lots of eating out or at least not me cooking!) and then it was now. However, in between all that, we’ve reached quite a few dinner times without an idea of what we’re going to eat (and all our Swillington Farm meat frozen solid) so I think it’s time we returned to planning!

Sunday brunch – sausage & eggs
Sunday dinner – beef & mushroom casserole with butter dumplings*, and veg

Monday lunchpate on toast** sliced beef & mustard in a bun
Monday dinner – (John away) sticky sticky spare ribs

Tuesday lunch – sausage & eggs
Tuesday dinner – leftover beef & mushroom casserole with dumplings & veg

Wednesday lunch – ham sandwiches
Wednesday dinner – chorizo & courgette frittata

Thursday lunch – samosas and salad
Thursday dinner – (John out) pasta with John’s special pasta sauce (from the freezer)

Friday lunch – pork pies from Wilson’s in Armley***
Friday dinner – celebratory**** meal out – probably bargainacious curry.

Saturday brunch – bacon & eggs
Saturday dinner – chicken legs, with new potatoes from the garden & salad

* ie, dumplings made with butter not suet.
** damn you mouldy bread! I only bought the pate because I knew I had you to use up. Then you went mouldy. *shakes fist*
*** well, John will have a yummy pork pie – Wilson’s do very nice pork pies. I will have a cornish pasty and wish I could have a pork pie without it giving me indigestion. Damn you pork pies. *shakes fist*
**** we’re, hopefully, completing the sale of our old house, I think that deserves a £6 a head curry ;)


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  1. PipneyJane

    Fingers crossed on the house sale. I’ve only ever sold one once and that was stressful enough. Being stuck in a chain is dreadful.

    (My last property, I rented out instead of selling when we brought our current home. And we didn’t have a chain on the house, either. Even then, there were moments I wanted to scream in frustration. I put all my grey hairs down to buying real estate.)

    – Pam

    • louisa

      Thanks for the positive vibes, Pam! We did essentially what you did on your last property – but without the actual renting bit – as we needed to do some work on our new house before we could move in, and work on the old house before we could sell it (even though it’s been sold for renovation, it still needed sprucing up). It was a stressful enough experience doing that – if we’d had to sell that one before moving, we’d still be there now and/or had stress-induced heart attacks.

      I’ll be sad to say goodbye to the old place as I lived there for nearly ten years (the longest place I’ve ever lived except my mum and dad’s house, and I can still visit there) but on the other hand, we don’t feel comfortable becoming landlords and don’t want another property to worry about – this house is worry enough!

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