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Alphabet in August – A to D

Posted by on Thursday 4 August 2011 in meta | 2 comments

Susy from Chiot’s Run is running a themed creative exercise this month: words or ideas to describe ourselves, using a different letter of the alphabet each day, often accompanied by a letter-focused photo.

A good number of people are taking part, doing their letter each day like they’re supposed to, but as you will read when I get down to “R”, I’m rather rebellious and not good at following rules, so I’m going do them in batch form instead, picking no more than five words for each letter. My photos will be things in my life which start with (or evoke) that letter too, rather than the actual letters themselves.

Here’s my first few letters – A-D:

(I’m rather over-excited about the achocha growing in our garden at the moment.)

A is for…

  • Animal-lover: I prefer them to (most) humans.
  • Addictive-personality: Thankfully my worst addictions are video games, not noxious substances.
  • Animated: When I get into a conversation, I REALLY get into it.
  • Argumentative: See “Animated”. Rarely productive or beneficial to the situation.
  • Atheist: Something I often get animated and argumentative about. ;)

(Boron is also known as “B” so I could have written “B is for B” ;) )

B is for…

  • Booby: Really, it’s a miracle I don’t topple over more.
  • Book-lover: When I was 6, my teacher gave us a chocolate-raisin for every book we finished. I very quickly grew to love both.
  • Brash: See “argumentative”. I think it started as a way of throwing off meek lady-like behaviour but stuck in a bad way.
  • British: I consider myself ‘British’, not ‘English’, although I say sorry a lot and drink a lot of tea.
  • Blogger: I’ve been blogging since before the word ‘blog’ was coined to describe the activity. I’ve been “pro-blogging” since 2005. I’m definitely a blogger!

(Carbon was my lovely giant boy cat. He died in March 2010. Like Boron, he was known by his chemical symbol so “C is for C”.)

C is for…

  • Curly-haired: I once had it dried straight, I didn’t look at all like me.
  • Curious: I’ve always been interested in how things/people/societies work.
  • Cat-person: as may be illustrated by the previous two pictures. I can’t ever imagine being without a cat or five (we currently have two but want more).
  • Creative: the nature/medium may change but I’ve always been driven to create things.
  • Contrary: both when dealing with others (see “argumentative”) and within myself, as I suspect will be evidenced by many of these words opposing each other!

(Lily-dog. My first dog. She’s setting a helluva precedent for future dogs!)

D is for…

  • Dramatic: I am prone to being overly dramatic sometimes. And I teach drama.
  • Distracted: Constantly.
  • Dog-lover: Even before getting Lil’ and being a cat-person at heart, I had a special noise for making whenever I saw a dog.
  • Dark: I have quite a dark sense of humour and dark subject matter doesn’t phase me.
  • Dork: Sometimes intentionally (when I’m doing my special dorky dancing) but mostly not. I’ve grown to accept it.
  • E-H to follow over the weekend!


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    1. Su

      I have curly hair too. Daughter occasionally straightens it as she thinks it’s a treat for me, I haven’t the heart to tell her that I don’t really like it, it makes my face seem very long & thin. Partner absolutely HATES my hair straight.

    2. K.B.

      Ooooh, Lily is so cute! And I LOVE the cat names!!

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