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My kindling cutting “helpers”

Posted by on Sunday 2 October 2011 in chickens, wood stuff | 3 comments

I had some company while cutting the kindling this morning.

Lily was taste-testing each stick as it came off the axe.

“Mmm, bit of a woody flavour.”

And a few minutes later, after Lily had gone into a sulk because she’d heard the fake camera click of my phone (she HATES all cameras for some reason), Lime the chicken came to see what was going on too — the first time she, or any of the chickens, have visited the top level of the garden, which is three flights of stairs away from the chicken coop/run.

She watched me chopping some kindling for a bit but she was more interested in John cutting wood in the woodstore though and spent ages stood behind him, head cocked to one side and making the occasional clucking noise, as he sawed up some logs. She seemed to have no interest in any of the many edibles on that level, just wondering what us crazy humans were up to. :)

(Appalling camera phone pics, sorry for the quality.)


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  1. Tanya @ Lovely Greens

    Splitting kindling…it’s that time of year for all of us :)

  2. Mo

    Our dog Jilly hates camera noises too ( along with many other noises) I love it when chickens come to see what you’re up to :)

  3. Su

    What a pity Lily has an irrational phobia of cameras, she’s so damn photogenic!

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