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Declutter November is under way!

Posted by on Tuesday 1 November 2011 in decluttering | 10 comments

I mentioned last week that I’m going to set myself a decluttering “challenge” for November – get rid of one thing every day.

I’m also going to set some weekly themed mini-challenges to get rid another five things each week, so by the end of the month, 50 things should be gone from the house.

It’s a bit of a two-fold plan: 1) get rid of some unwanted junk and 2) by doing it daily for a sustained period to make me more conscious of the stuff around me and look at things in a new “do we need or even want this?” light.

I asked if anyone else fancied a clearout too and a good few people jumped on board:

Collectively, we’re going to get rid of a lot of junk!

I’ll announce the first mini-challenge this afternoon but until then crew (and anyone else who wants to join in!), let’s take off our clutter blinkers and get going! :)

Anyone else up for it? If so, leave a comment below and I’ll add you to the list

UPDATED TO ADD: I’ve add the new sign-ups to the list – 21 22 of us at this count. That’s means over a thousand things are going to leave our collective houses – yay!


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  1. datacreata

    We do something similar using this idea by the artist William Morris – exact quote not sure of but basically “If it is not a thing of value, no longer has use or you have not used it in the last 2 years, then get rid of it”. We did this first in our kitchen then the rest of the house and managed to empty several cupboards. Things either went to charity shops, family or were sold on Ebay.

  2. Su

    I didn’t think I had anything left to get rid of, but I took a bagful of stuff into a charity shop last week & under the kitchen table is a basket with other things I no longer need. I have to say it’s wonderfully cathartic, this declutering! I should have done it years ago!
    Good luck to eveybody taking part & I hope it has the same positive outcome it has had for me.

  3. sara

    I have that William Morris quote on my mantel piece and i am begginning to live by it..”Have nothing in your home that you do not believe to be beautiful or useful”…
    So far i have de-cluttered toy room/nursery…as i am going to be a granny again twice next year i have off loaded all my baby bits..20 bags of clothes,blankets,sheets,towels,nappies and 2 moses baskets plus a bath and bouncer…girls toys have been sorted and gone to charity shop…
    Kitchen cupboards have been tidied and junk got rid of..
    Poor hubby has got orders to do sheds and greenhouses…

    I love doing it..i want to keep my house relatively simple and clutter free.

    Thanks louisa for suggesting it…

  4. Debbie

    I’m in! I have a LOT of stuff to declutter!

  5. katherine slater

    Count me in if you’ll have me, I’ll get rid of two things today as I’m a day late joining :)
    Bring on the clear-out…..

  6. Susan

    What a great idea – this is something I need to do, thanks

  7. Martina

    Please count me in!! Already started! :)

  8. bookstorebabe

    Sign me up! The clutter has taken over-I NEED to do this.

  9. louisa

    Yay, more people on board :) I’ve add you all to the list – do keep us up to date with how it goes for you :)

  10. Su

    After giving this some considerable thought & despite my earlier protestations, please would you include me too? I have already got rid of 17 more items (including several gardening items), but more importantly, although I have already had a mass de-clutter, I want it to be part of an ongoing process whereby I routinely ask myself ” do I need or want this item” & this may be the way to do it.

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