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Declutter November mini-challenge – the overlooked bits of your wardrobe

Posted by on Monday 7 November 2011 in decluttering | 7 comments

Since many of us have gone a bit silly in the cheap clothes boom over the last decade, we’ve got wardrobes, chests of drawers and vacuum-packed storage bags stuffed full of clothes we no longer wear. There is a lot of coverage in the media these days about getting rid of everything you’ve not worn in the last 12 months, how to organise a clothes swap/swishing party or how to par down to a capsule wardrobe of five classic items.

Like most people I know, I generally keep on top of my tops, shirts, skirts and jumpers – checking through everything every six months or so, and consigning stuff to storage limbo if not straight to a charity shop. (95% of stuff in storage limbo goes to the charity shop at the next clear out.) But a few weeks ago, I realised there were a few areas I don’t really think about when I’m tidy: I then proceeded to get rid of over 20 pairs of knickers (either completely falling apart, the wrong size for me or thong style, which I used to wear but now hate) and about the same amount of socks I never wear for various reasons (size, fabric, shape etc). My underwear drawer is so much easier to navigate now!

So this mini-challenge is about those sorts of place: in addition to your usual one thing a day, have a look through the overlooked bits of your wardrobe to see if you can get rid of another five things from there. Everyone will overlook different bits, but here’s some ideas:

  • Your underwear drawer, your lingerie stash and tights collection etc
  • Nightwear/pyjamas
  • Accessories – charity shops love spare winter scarves/gloves/hats at this time of year, but also look at belts, ties, cotton/silk scarves, sunglasses, bags and other hats – are you really going to wear that fancy fascinator again?
  • Shoes
  • Swim wear and holiday items
  • Exercise clothes – especially if you’re an occasional exerciser like me :)
  • Coats – if they’re hung up on hooks away from your wardrobe, they might get missed.

Have a think – do you think you overlook anywhere? What can be cleared out from there?

If I’ve missed anywhere obvious in my suggestions list, do let me know as I’m probably overlooking it and will need to sort it out!


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  1. Debbie

    I did my undies and socks a couple of weeks ago! Can I count them retrospectively? Thought not ;)
    I might have a look at coats and cardigans.

  2. Attila

    I’m not joining in the challenge, but it has inspired me to clear out our airing cupboard. The other day I got rid of a blanket, pair of curtains, some old cushions, arious textile bit for recycling and a couple of clothing items.

  3. Louba

    Funny I was thinking about clearing out my underwear drawer this morning while trying to find a pair of tights!

  4. datacreata

    We check our clothes every few months – we don’t have a huge stock and even less storage space. Summer clothes go into the attic in winter and visa versa. Pants, nighties and pyjama’s end up in my rag rugs as does anything else of the right material – the rest goes to charity shops. If I really have to throw something out, I remove the zips and buttons – never know when they might come in handy!

  5. Ellen Perrin

    Gosh, that’s an easy one!! I seem to be expanding at a rate of knots, & have expanded my wardrobe accordingly. Funnily enough, I’ve never had a problem decluttering my wardrobe, so this will be achieved tomorrow – the garden, however, is another matter entirely! Cold, wet, dark days are NOT conducive to getting outside the back door ;-)

  6. louisa

    Debbie: That’s what I thought too – with my en masse knickers & socks clearouts of the last few weeks — but when I looked into the other spaces, there was still a fair bit to get rid of!

    Attila: glad it inspired you – bet those things have freed up loads of space :)

    Louba: I can’t believe how long I worked around all my unwanted knickers and socks – it’s far easier now — hope it’s the same for you :)

    datacreate: I do that too, with buttons and zips. I’ve also got a collection of bra underwires, just in case they are ever useful :)

    Ellen: I’d have struggled with the garden one if it hadn’t been nice at the weekend. All the rest will be indoors stuff, I promise :)

  7. Jules

    Odd socks are something that I (and the OH) both have in our respective drawers. I’m just not sure how long is polite to wait for the opposite sock to turn up before getting rid.
    5 bags of ‘stuff’ and CDs have gone to the local charity shops since last week. We’re approaching our second full box of books for the Oxfam bookshop as well. Thanks Louisa for the push to declutter!

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