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New room

Posted by on Thursday 14 October 2010 in DIY | 2 comments

Our house is the house that just keeps on giving.

We broke through into what was once our house’s coal hole yesterday and will soon have a new room – which we’ll use as a utility room. Our neighbours have both opened up theirs – one uses it as a store cupboard, the other as a utility room – but at maybe 8ft by 6ft, ours looks slightly bigger than both (which makes sense since ours is the end terrace and slightly bigger in general) so it should make a very useful room. We’ll put the washing machine in there, freeing up valuable space in the kitchen, and possibly get a chest freezer and/or possibly install a toilet/sink too.

This is already the second room we’ve found in the house – we found “the room of doom” shortly after we first moved in — a void underneath our kitchen (which is a modern extension on the original Victorian house). We had an idea it was there but were surprised to find a full size door into it when we pulled out some fitted wardrobes in what is now our office. It is filled with rubble – which we initially thought was the ceiling (ie, the floor of the kitchen!) hence the nickname – including asbestos sheets so we decided to reseal it for now, until we’ve got the time/resources to clear it out safely.

We also have a suspicion there may be another smaller void next to the coal hole, behind our existing store room – we’re going to poke a brick out of there and check it out.

I wonder what we’ll find next!


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  1. Lynsey aka Swirlyarts

    My brother in law found a new room for us too in our house – we were having our cellar done and he saw a hole in the wall – peeked through and there was the HUGE original coal hole. We now have a two roomed cellar :)

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