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The best smelling chicken stock I’ve ever made*

Posted by on Wednesday 3 October 2012 in cooking | 5 comments

* Well, you know, one of them. I don’t remember them all exactly but this one smells gooooooooood.

Hi again. It’s been a while since I blogged – too long – I hope you’re all well.

I’m taking part in Blogtoberfest 2012 to try to get back into the habit of blogging regularly – the idea is to blog every day, at least once a day. I’m spreading my efforts across this site, How Can I Recycle This? and my somewhat geeky only-of-interest-to-my-mum personal blog to make it easier on myself (but I’m keeping a list of all my Blogtoberfest posts to make sure I do one a day!).

ANYWAY. The chicken stock. The last chicken stock I made in my new-ish big slow cooker was a bit lacklustre so I’ve been saving the carcasses from our Swillington Farm chickens in the freezer to make a mega-stock – and this is it.

After roasting the carcasses alongside our dinner last night, they went in the slow cooker and the smell of it cooking made me drool. This morning, I separated it out and it smelled even better. It’s a bit fatty at this stage but I’ll skim it before I use it. As well as making stock, I also made some fluffy friends – Lily-dog got the chunks of carrot from the stock and she & the cats also got bits of chicken too tough for our soup :)

The bestest bit is that Swillington Farm birds are so huge that not all my carcasses would fit the pot in one go so I’ve got a second load on now – more yummy aromas! (The last bird we got from Swillington was over 3kg/6lbs 6 – each breast alone weighed 400g/14oz! Massive!)

The first lot was spiced with coriander seeds, black peppercorns, a garlic clove and some chunks of galangal. This one is second one is black peppercorns, szechuan peppercorns and galangal. I’m not exactly sure what either batch will be used for but, since it’s us, it’s likely to be something spicy/gingery/peppery so these should work either way.

What spices/flavours do you use in your chicken (or other) stock?


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  1. Attila

    I usually add 3 whole cloves and a bay leaf per carcass of 1.5 kg chicken.

  2. Mo

    Welcome back :)
    My stocks vary according to what I have in terms of herbs.
    With chicken I like to add Tarragon.

  3. Hazel

    Glad you’re back!

    I tend to keep my stocks pretty neutral because I never know what I’m going to use them for.

    I’ve just made a batch of beef stock from roasted bones from the butcher- made a lovely butterbean and pumpkin stew-y thing. Looked a bit unappetising because I put a tin of chestnut puree in there, but everyone had seconds…

  4. Rachel

    Hi Louisa, nice to hear from you again.
    Like Hazel, I keep my stock fairly neutral and add flavours to the final dish. For chicken I usually add a few peppercorns and a bay leaf.
    I need to get back into the habit of blogging, too, but I don’t think I’ll follow you with one a day – that would just make it feel like hard work.

  5. John

    with all this stock slow cooking, the house has been smelling just wonderful!

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