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It’s super foggy here this morning so I need some ace inspiration to get going – and I thought you might need some too. Here are some of my favourite reads from the last few weeks…

(For anyone who cares, the first is from the top of our garden, looking into the woods next door/at the bottom of the garden – and our chicken coop is in the bottom right; the second is the bandy trees at the bottom of our garden, just behind the chicken run; and the third is over our wood pile to the north, we can’t see our neighbour in that direction in the summer – or when it’s foggy!)

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2 Comments on Frugal, cooking, growing and making link love

  1. strowger says:

    damnthebroccoli’s advice about heating is exactly wrng; high temperatures are least efficient. I’d have told him if his blog accepted comments.

    • louisa says:

      It does accept comments – but iirc they usually go into moderation before being published.

      Either way though, I’m interested to hear your thoughts on the issue!

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