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Like Frugaldom & her quail eggs, there was a frozen egg waiting for me in the nest box this morning. I suspect it was laid later yesterday, after my collection run, so was in there overnight. Needless to say, I felt the pathological need to crack it open (albeit after it had been sat in [...]

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I made some spicy butternut squash soup for our lunches this week and as usual, cut off the rind before cooking. If the rind is thin, it doesn’t really need cutting off – but the soup is so deliciously smooth that I don’t want to risk coming across bits of tough rind in it. There [...]

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Sorry if this blog as got a bit one note of late – all winter! winter! winter! It’s partly because I’m reluctant to post any recipes at the moment (I’ve got a few I want to write up but I think our oven thermostat is broken so I want to check that because saying “bake [...]

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I had to crack the ice on the chickens drinkers a few times last week but yesterday, overnight, they froze completely solid. That, more than the inch or so of snow on the ground, drove home to me the fact it’s winter now. Since the temperatures started dropping last week, I’ve reinstated my first thing [...]

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Quick chicken update: the new girls seem well settled in. Things aren’t perfectly friendly yet but a pecking order seems well established and there doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as much bullying/intimidation. The blacker Black Rock (above) – who was initially too afraid to leave the coop – is now probably the outgoing of [...]

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Just a passing observation – both yesterday and today, when I’ve collected the eggs from the girls, I’ve managed to crack one of the shells on the way back up to the house. I’m not sure what happened yesterday but today, the crack happened when two eggs bumped into each other – not too heavily, [...]

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