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These are all the posts in the “making” section.

There are currently two sub-categories – crochet and wood stuff – but more will be added when I make new stuff!

You may also be interested in the DIY section.

One of my top 5 clothes line drying tips is to use a “peg clothes dryer thing” – it stops the little items taking up space on your main line and is easy to take inside if it starts raining. Petra left a comment to say she’d made her own from “some electricity pipe, an [...]

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Over on Recycle This today, I’ve asked: What can I reuse or recycle to make a moneybox/piggy bank? As I say in the post over there, my first project needing a moneybox is to retrospectively pay for the automatic chicken pophole door we bought last week. But I’d also like other piggybanks to set aside [...]

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My building plans for last weekend (the mezzanine level thing and a mini ark for quarantine/broody hens) fell through because I felt ill so aside from a walk/forage at Bramley Falls park on Saturday and the sheep & goats in Calverley graveyard on Sunday, I spent most of the weekend sitting. I like sitting but [...]

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