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Just a passing observation – both yesterday and today, when I’ve collected the eggs from the girls, I’ve managed to crack one of the shells on the way back up to the house. I’m not sure what happened yesterday but today, the crack happened when two eggs bumped into each other – not too heavily, [...]

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Keen to preserve some of the summer glut of eggs and add to the super-spicy items in our store cupboard (we never have enough!), I’ve pickled a few lots of eggs over the last few months. We finally cracked open the spicy batch earlier this week – yum! Between the tart vinegar and the spices, [...]

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We had some reduced-to-clear smoked mackerel in the freezer so I decided to make some kedgeree for a quick but tasty dinner on Monday evening. It’s a bit buttery, pretty spicy and quite, quite fishy – basically yum on a plate. And it’s easy to make too. Apologies for the rubbish photo – hot, steaming [...]

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And on a related should-we-shouldn’t-we matter, we’re currently trying to decide whether or not to get more chickens. We’d always planned to get some Point of Lays in the autumn – the healthy spring chicks all growed up. According to my chicken guy, they are the best chickens to get – healthier in general and [...]

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Last week I mentioned in passing that I had another go at cold smoking using my fantastic cold smoke generator. We very much enjoyed the cheese so I wanted to do more of that – but I also wanted to try a couple of other things too, namely eggs and chillis. Following the directions in [...]

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I’ve just had a few days offline to clear my head a bit – I spent a lot of time reading, resting & DSing so it wasn’t as productive as four days off work usually is, but there are a few things to report: Massive egg update The supersized chicken egg we got on Monday [...]

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