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Craft procrastination = Procraftination

Posted by on Wednesday 19 January 2011 in making | 4 comments

Except for the crochet blanket that I started at the weekend, I’ve not done anything crafty for ages. And I’ve not finished anything for even longer – probably my water flask holder in September. I’ve had writer’s block for crafting.

To combat this, I’ve come up with a procraftination project for myself: 15 super quick projects to beat the meh.

The criteria I’ve set down for myself is:

  • They must not take more than a couple of hours each in total from start to finish
  • They must cover a range of skills/techniques because I heart variety
  • They must be do-able from the sofa because I’m lazy and there is often a dog, cat & blanket on the sofa and I like spending time with all three.

Most of them are also practical or upcycling/revamping something I’ve already got but that’s more of a coincidence than something deliberate.

1. Make a new purse (crochet or sew)
2. Embroider fun retro designs onto some boring plain knickers
3. Crochet a bookmark/book thong
4. Revamp turquoise handbag – replace white leather strip with copper wire
5. Remake/revamp my dangly button earrings
6. An hour of drawing
7. Finish sewing the dot-to-dot patterns I bought ages ago from Leethal FINISHED!
8. Crochet some mini storage baskets
9. Knit the ribbed hat I saw on CRAFTzine a few months ago
10. Make a pot holder/oven mitt thing
11. Upcycle/lengthen my stripey polo shirt that’s been in my sewing pile for months
12. Crochet some butterflies
13. Make some more wire bugs
14. Spin some more yarn
15. Make new black bead earrings based on necklace pattern

This post is more for me as a to-do list than for everyone else – but if anyone has any other suggestions of things I can add to my list, let me know!


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  1. sara

    Wow you have lots to do…have you tried the 5 minutes a day craft..you just craft for 5 minutes..longer if you want too..i have been doing it for a while now and my “to do” bag is almost empty…for now..

  2. lovelygrey

    I know the feeling about craft procrastination. I’ve got a roomful of half completed stuff – needlepoints, jewellery projects and a rather large mosaic fish. I’ve set myself a rule of not buying anymore craft materials unless they’re to finish a project for an indefinite period! But ever so occasionally I complete something – see the crafts section on my blog.

  3. Linda

    Some things to add to your list …no, just kidding. Some things to take off your list: #2 -waste of your time and materials, #3 -that’s reuse of the shoelace that didn’t break (of the pair I mean), everything else needs priority sort out. I imagine #10 should be at the top to stop you injuring yourself.
    I bet if you had to finish one project before you could eat again there would be a radical change to the meh!
    Good luck, perhaps some invigorating music could help…
    Love your blog -all the way from NZ!!

  4. louisa

    Hi all,

    thanks for your comments :)

    Sara: I haven’t heard of the 5 minutes a day craft – but I guess this is similar – to give myself small, easily achievable goals as opposed to will-take-ages blankets etc.

    Lovelygrey: I pretty much have that rule now too. I have enough (read: too many) random project supplies. I bought some yarn last night to finish the blanket I started crocheting last week and I nearly bought some other yarn at the same time – just because it was there and cheap – but I resisted. I’m definitely not buying any more yarn – or starting any other major projects – until I’ve finished this current blanket.

    Linda: thanks for your comment. These are all really “for the fun of it” craft ideas to get me in the mood for crafting from start to finish again – without needing me to give up food! ;) I do need a new purse and the bag & polo shirt need upcycling, but apart from that, they’re just for pleasure (and skill development).

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