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This week’s meal plan

Posted by on Monday 21 February 2011 in cooking, weekly meal plans | 3 comments

We’re getting a bit better at sticking to meal plans – not great, but better. A couple of shuffles last week but again, it’s generally wonderful to know what’s in the offing.

Sunday dinner – Pasta with John’s special pasta sauce (frozen leftovers from a previous batch) and salad

Monday lunch – some veg things John bought while I wasn’t there so don’t know what they are, with bread
Monday dinner – Spanish omelette (possibly with sweet potato, pepper & chorizo)

Tuesday lunch – hopefully not fish and chips but I get *bullied* into it every week when Strowger comes to visit. I blame him totally. I don’t even like fish and chips. And especially not curry sauce. Mmm curry sauce – I mean, urgh, curry sauce.
Tuesday dinner – pork chops with a mustard & chilli glaze with green beans & carrots

Wednesday lunch – ham/cheese sandwiches
Wednesday dinner – (I’m in for once – half term) egg fried rice (possibly with mushrooms, possibly other stuff)

Thursday lunch – bread, meat & salad/pickles
Thursday dinner – pasta with tuna, olives & chillis (since that was one of the things we swapped out last week)

Friday lunch – samosas & misc bits
Friday dinner – burgers with salad (the other thing we swapped out last week)


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  1. Jono / Real Men Sow

    This is just the inspiration I needed! I’ve been thinking of meal plans based around what I have the allotment, and getting organised for cooking, but not got around to it.

    Now I shall do it.

    • louisa

      We’re still in early days of meal planning – just been doing it for a few weeks – but are finding it very useful as a rough guide, even if life does get in the way of sticking to it all the time. Hope you find it as useful as we do :)

      • Jono / Real Men Sow

        Think its also a good way of getting crops at their freshest. I sometimes just harvest because I can, on a certain day, and then cook around what I have during the week.

        Be much better to plan the week ahead, so I know what I need to pick on what day, and then I wouldn’t have veg in the fridge for days before use.

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