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This week’s meal plan – it’s a curry-centric one! ;)

Posted by on Sunday 27 February 2011 in cooking, frugal, weekly meal plans | 5 comments

We didn’t do great with our meal plan last week – I think the novelty of having one has started to wane but we’re keen to turn it into a habit so we’re going to keep trying with it. Actually, looking at it again, we did have most of the meals we’d planned, just not in the right order. And the one meal we didn’t have – Spanish omelette – didn’t result in anything being wasted – we had to go to the supermarket to buy potatoes and ended up getting something else instead. Anyway, onward and upward:

Sunday night – meal out – curry, woo! (we’re leaving very soon so double woo! ;) )

Monday lunch – soup & bread
Monday dinner – chicken & red pepper risotto with salad

Tuesday lunch – curried egg mayo sandwiches
Tuesday dinner – jacket potato & tuna with salad

Wednesday lunch – falafel in pitta with salad & raita
Wednesday dinner – keema & channa achar (a lamb mince & chickpea curry)

Thursday lunch – pitta with meat/cheese
Thursday dinnersmoked mackerel kedgeree

Friday lunch – bread & meat/cheese
Friday dinner – frittata


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  1. sara

    that meal plan looks lovely..can i come for the week please

  2. Lisa

    You have a stove, right? Bake potatoes in it, we do that in ours sometimes and it’s two-birds-with-one-stone awesome :)

  3. Hazel

    Keema and Channa Achar sounds good!

    I find my meal plans work best if I plan 7 or 8 meals for the week (it always helps having a spare with ingredients I have to hand- something always seems to change in our house!) and then cook the one I feel like/fits in best on that particular day.
    I tried the Monday-pasta, Tuesday-potato thing and found that I never felt like cooking or eating pasta on a Monday. Of course, I may just be naturally contrary…

    • louisa

      That’s a great idea Hazel – that’s kinda what we’ve ended up doing when we’ve missed a day — picking between the missed day or that day’s item. I guess we could always have a couple of store-cupboard dinners as substitutes in case we want to swap anything in/out too.

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