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After a run of just three eggs a day nearly all last week, then three eggs and a small pale one yesterday, we’re back to four eggs again now – and boy, one of the girls is over-achieving!


The smaller egg here weighs around 60g – which is the large end of medium and a typical size for our girls – but the big one weighs over 90g! No wonder I was woken up by some loud bwarking this morning! According to standard UK egg sizing guidelines, anything over 73g is a XL-sized egg – this is quite a bit over 73g!

I suspect Mrs Mauve is responsible for it – she’s quite a bit bigger than the other girls but she’s still only a young one, 26 weeks old max, so she – and her eggs – might get bigger still. Yesterday I was working in the garden and they got a lot of greens/veg – I’ll have to keep a check on the treats/super-large egg thing is causal or a coincidence.

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