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August 2011 mini goals

Posted by on Wednesday 3 August 2011 in goals | 2 comments

I didn’t set myself any mini goals last month as I had nothing particularly pressing. This month though…

Personal finance

1. Actually switch my cash ISA as I had planned to (but didn’t) in May.

2. Sit down with John and redivide the bills (they’ve been a bit of a jumble for a while)

3. After my spendy-spendy last couple of weeks, spend no more than the £100 in my “save as you spend” categories (eating out, books, clothing, crafts, entertainment, “frivolous”, and gifts).

House stuff

John’s been giving away a lot of big things recently – I feel I need to do some micro to his macro!

4. Clear out the kitchen cupboard opposite the cooker, and the cat cupboard and the dog cupboard – lots of junk in there

5. Clear out the porch cupboards

6. Fit the skirting board & flooring in the utility room

Growing, making, cooking

7. Make another giant bean bag for the office (since the old office one is now in the living room)

8. Make a new purse

9. Handmill some of my vegetable oil soaps to make some scented ones

10. Make 2 meals worth of ravioli

Have you got any mini-goals or big things on your to-do list for this month?


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  1. Chiot's Run

    Sounds like you have some great goals. I love purging the kitchen and try to do that every few months. I’m finally getting down to the basics and I love not having so much stuff around.

    Good luck achieving your goals this month!

  2. Small Footprints

    Oh I love this … so many great ideas. I especially like the growing-making-cooking section … handbags, soaps … brilliant! And the wonderful thing is, so many of your frugal ideas are also very kind to the planet.

    I’m so glad to have found your blog. I’ve added it to my blog roll so that I won’t miss a thing! :-)

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