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This year’s wild plum/cherry plum jam

Posted by on Wednesday 10 August 2011 in cooking, preserving, wild food | 4 comments

I wasn’t planning to make any jam from the mysterious plum-like fruit that grows outside our kitchen window but when John said he wasn’t sure if he could be bothered making wine, I had to do something with our first harvest. And boy, am I glad I did.

It was about 1kg of mysterious plums (pre-stoning), about 300ml of water, about 750g of sugar and 2tsp of vanilla extract/flavouring.

I’m not sure whether it’s the vanilla or the fact that the plums were super mega ripe when I used them but YUM. I think it’s far nicer than last year (although to be fair, it is a while since I ate last year’s jam so I might be misremembering it/confusing it with something else).

I only made about 3lb because I wanted to make some ketchup with the rest of the plums I had to hand (that’s cooking as I type) but it’s so nice that I want to make more straight-away. Thankfully it looks like we’ll get a few more kilos of fruit yet!


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  1. Mo

    Yum! Haven’t made any Plum Jam yet but it’s on my list as we have a glut this year. I might also be tempted by the chutney ;)

  2. Attila

    Cherry ketchup? I’ve made two lots of plum jam; one lot from a friend’s allotment and a second lot from the plum trees that grow in our garden and next door’s. They let theirs drop last year so I asked if they minded us having them in return for some jam; result! I also stewd some and have just had some of that stirred into my muesli; very yum!

  3. Jono / Real Men Sow

    Made some damson jam this week from a tree I raid annually. The damsons are much bigger than the ones you’d find growing wild, so I wonder if its an escaped farmed type cultivar, if that makes sense??

    Anyway, I’ve been making my jam much runnier than normal. Don’t know about anyones else, but I’ve found it keeps the flavour of the fruit much better, and makes for a tastier jam.

  4. Shoestring

    Love the purse of faff! And am v jealous on the plum jam. I remember Mum making it back when we all lived in my chilhood home and had several plum trees :)

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