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Alphabet in August – I to L

Posted by on Monday 15 August 2011 in meta | 0 comments

This is a month-long creative exercise led by Chiot’s Run: descriptive words and pictures about me/my life starting with each letter of the alphabet. Most people are doing a letter a day but I’m doing it in groups instead ;)

(I love it when it’s icy in winter and I have a good excuse to hide inside near the stove, crafting with animals on top of me :) )

I is for…

  • Interested: in everything. All the time.
  • Introspective: this exercise is an example of this! I’m generally much more negative when introspective in my own brain though and have had to stop keeping diaries because they just became negative introspection feedback loops.
  • Introverted: I came across this list of myths about introverted people a few months ago and nodded a lot.
  • Insolent: I generally don’t mean to be but I often come off that way because I don’t blindly abide by a number of social pleasantries for the sake of it (see “introverted”). I also usually beat myself up about it for hours afterwards (see “introspective”! ;) )
  • Idler: Different from being lazy (which I also am, see below), I greatly value regular periods of idling – downtime playing computer games or relatively mindless crafting etc. With those distracting my conscious brain, my subconscious can figure things out all sorts of things for me or produce a variety of creative ideas.

(John, my favourite meatbag. Well, human meatbag. We share a brain as well as a home but we rarely share dessert, oh no.)

J is for…

  • Joker: My “funny” lobe needs a filter adjustment really – I make a lot of inappropriate jokes…
  • Jumble: I feel like I’m a bit of a mental and physical jumble – an untidy collection of things. I don’t mind too much.
  • Joie de vivre: I do very much enjoy life, the little things as well as the big.
  • Judgemental: a habit I’m trying to work on eliminating.
  • Jolly: “argumentative” and “grumpy” moments aside, I generally am pretty cheerful and like spreading joy.

(Kittens, weee! Since we’ve lost two of our once mighty pride in the last couple of years, we both really, really want to re-expand the feline presence in our home but have sensibly decided that it would be best for our current animals to keep it as just them for now – there is a pleasant equilibrium and everyone’s happy. It’s for the best but boo, no more kitties.)

K is for…

  • Knowledgeable: part of the being “interested” in everything thing and having an “elephant memory” means I have a lot of knowledge stored in my noggin. Some of it is actually useful too.
  • Knackered: almost always.
  • Knitter: although I prefer crochet most of the time, I do like a good knitting session from time to time.
  • Klutz: not just the clumsy part of the definition but the awkward bit too – they really do go together.
  • Kaleidoscope: the drama class I teach is called “Kaleidoscope” – a collection of individual sparkles coming together to make a beautiful – but temporary – image.

(I have a strong, irrational sense of ownership of the letter L. It’s my letter. Photo taken by our niece when she was three.)

L is for…

  • Lazy: I’m one of nature’s sitters.
  • Leftie: politically, I mean, although the terms left and right wing are increasingly archaic these days.
  • Laughter: a day without a belly laugh is a rare day indeed.
  • Late: I’m much better now than I used to be but I used to be perpetually late for anything that wasn’t absolutely time critical.
  • Likeable: I’ve always had low self-esteem and for a long time I worried that I wasn’t likeable but meeting a range of different people over the last couple of years, I’m starting to think that I might be likeable – or at least becoming more likeable.

M to P coming later in the week!

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