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How to make a piggy bank/money box

Posted by on Tuesday 5 October 2010 in green, making, meta | 1 comment

Over on Recycle This today, I’ve asked:

What can I reuse or recycle to make a moneybox/piggy bank?

As I say in the post over there, my first project needing a moneybox is to retrospectively pay for the automatic chicken pophole door we bought last week. But I’d also like other piggybanks to set aside money for/from other projects – I find seeing money building up physically in a pot has considerably more motivation impact than when it’s building up symbolically in numbers on a bank statement.

So any suggestions on what I can do?

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  1. strowger

    My dad used to save all the change of certain denominations (20p and 5p I think) in one piggybank, and coppers in another. When I was really small, there was a nice job every few months in “helping” count it all into piles of £1 each, and then bag it and pay it in at the Post Office.

    How useful that is depends how much cash you spend. He used to go to the pub a big, and card usage wasn’t so common then, so probably saved a fair bit. Now-a-days I can easily go a week without using cash.

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