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On the hook – draught excluder & cowl/tank top

Posted by on Wednesday 26 October 2011 in crochet & knitting | 3 comments

Inspired by Steel Kitten‘s “What’s in the knitting bag?” post, I thought I’d talk about what’s on my crochet hook. (I’m supposed to be having a week away from the computer this week doing crafty things — I’ve not been very successful at the “being away from a computer” thing so at least I should write about my crafty pursuits, right? ;) )

As I mentioned on here and Twitter last week, I’ve not been hooking for ages but now I’ve started again, I’m in it with a passion. Last week I started a made-up-as-I-go snake draught excluder – the tail on my first version was too short but made a natty hat for cheeky Lily-dog —

— so I frogged that and started again but naughty, naughty, I got distracted by wanting personal insulation instead.

A trip to the yarn shop later (Texere Yarns in Bradford), I’m now working on a version of the Ginny Cowl (Ravelry pattern link). I love the shape of the finished top and the pattern is deliciously simple – but I’ve had to change things a bit because I don’t know whether it was my too-round-headed hook’s fault, the fluffy yarn’s fault or my too-tight tension’s fault but doing the slip stitches in back loops was arrrrrggghh! Hate. I’m not 100% convinced my version will look as good as the proper Ginny Cowl and I wish I could have stuck with the original pattern, but my version stands a lot more chance of actually being completed (since it’s fun not frustrating to make) rather than thrown on the ground in a huff. Details to follow if it does work!

Are you crocheting/knitting anything at the moment?


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  1. Karen

    I’m knitting socks as a request/gift item for a family member. I hate knitting socks. I’ve managed to drag this out by using every excuse to avoid knitting. Once they are finished I have two more fun projects in mind. “Winter is Coming” with dire wolves mittens in a Scandinavian style and a sweater with skulls,crossbones and roses for the dog. The dog sweater is my own but the mittens are from Freshisle Fibres.

  2. Steel

    Lovely colours on your cowl.

    And I love the look on the dog’s face!

  3. Su

    I have a long jumper/ short dress for myself on the go, along with a cashmere scarf, which is destined as a Christmas present for daughter’s boyfriend and in my locker at work (I work shifts & some night shifts can be very quiet) I have a long waistcoat thing. I also have a VERY long mental list of future projects.

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