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Declutter November – end of week 2

Posted by on Monday 14 November 2011 in decluttering | 5 comments

So we’ve reached the end of Declutter November week 2 and I don’t know about you guys but our “out” pile is getting pretty big!

My items for this week:

  • two works diaries from 5 and 6 years ago. I disliked the jobs then, and have no interest in who I had to call at 10am on 5th February 2004 now. (counted as one item)
  • a complete ball of blue novelty yarn (I hate working with novelty yarn, not sure why I have this)
  • 3 little baggies of beads (counted as one item)
  • two books
  • a couple of dead plants, that I’d been unsuccessfully trying to revive (not pictured) (counted as one item)

I was stood with all of the above, bar the plants, in the middle of our spare junk room last night, a little annoyed that they wouldn’t really make an impact on the clutter up there, when I realised two things:

  1. The act of looking for & selecting those things is, at this habit-forming stage, more important than clearing lots of space, and
  2. I was leaning on a big bag of “storage limbo” clothes that I had cleared out shortly after we moved here over two years ago and not looked through since.

So the big bin bag of clothes became my seventh item and lo, it also cleared a good amount of space!

And speaking of clothes…

Declutter November mini-challenge – the overlooked bits of your wardrobe

John and I had an evening of going through our wardrobes last Tuesday. John did the equivalent of my shirt sort through earlier in the year: trying on all his shirts and trousers to see what actually fitted him well/comfortably (answer: not very much as he’s changed size over the last couple of years and nothing really fitted his tall/broad frame properly before then either). I got rid of the shirts that I’d put into storage limbo back then, and also went through the overlooked bits of my wardrobe as defined by the challenge.

For the challenge, I needed five things but in the end, my get-rid stash included: six bras (which all have only been worn once or twice max because my boobs didn’t like them), three pyjama tops, four silky camisole sets, two jumpers, sandals, (nearly new, too big) trainers, (too narrow) cute starry flats, a belt, a messenger bag and three little handbags, some jewellery and a little jewellery box.

Between us, the result was seven (small-ish) bin bags, plus two carrier bags of stuff – and more importantly, much easier to navigate wardrobes. Win!

How is everyone else doing? Are your “out” piles growing too?


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  1. bookstorebabe

    I cleared five things from the house-but 25 from my sock/undies/pajamas/ect drawers. Yay! And it would have been more if I’d taken the time to try things on. I do look around and sigh, because you can’t tell I’ve gotten rid of anything. But you’re right, it’s getting in the habit that’s the important thing.

  2. Louba

    Two full bin bags of asortd stuff dutifully delivered to the charity shop! And a bag full of unwanted but perfectly acceptable gifts donated to the office Christmas raffle. Not sure where to start on next.

  3. Jan

    I’ve nearly cleared two whole bedrooms! When the kids visit, I make sure they leave with something they left behind or declare them fit for freecycle/the tip/charity shop.Little by little its all going, soon i will be able to redecorate their empty nest bedrooms-one as a guest room and one as my sewing/hobby room. Can’t wait!

  4. Rachel

    Argh! This is making me feel really guilty for how badly I’m doing at this challenge. I did get rid of a few things that I haven’t blogged about yet, and that did include some shoes, so that fits with the wardrobe challenge.

  5. Lynsey aka Swirlyarts

    I’ve just blogged about the latest declutter lot. I’ve got the kids involved and have cheekily included their things in my total – hahahahaha! Being a parent has some advantages :)

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