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Happy New Year!! (And my goals for 2012)

Posted by on Wednesday 1 February 2012 in goals | 4 comments

No, I’m not going crazy. Honestly. It’s just I made a joke on Twitter last week about hearing about a lot of people struggling with January and suggesting we start 2012 again on 1st February – and the more I’ve thought about it in the intervening days, the more it’s made sense to me. This New-New Year thing means I can catch up on all the stuff I was supposed to write at the start of 2012 and not feel guilty about the things I should have, but didn’t do, in January.

So let’s just sweep the last 31 days under the carpet and start of the 11 month long year of 2012 today! Happy New Year! :D

For the past few years, I’ve set myself some goals for the year – 10 in 2010, 11 (+ some smaller ones) in 2011 – but after failing to meet so many of them, I’m going for fewer annual goals in 2012 but will set myself more monthly ones, when the fancy takes me (or possibly, I’ll get you guys to set them for me…!).

These are my six goals for the year though:

1. Make £2012 in “side money”

I signed up for this challenge on MoneySavingExpert. As I’ve been self-employed doing a whole variety of things since 2006, it’s hard for me to define “side money” but I think I’ve got an idea that works for me now. I’ll write more about my rationale at a later date but basically I’m thinking of it as new income streams money, whatever those things are. If it’s a success this year and I repeat in 2013, this year’s “side money” will just become part of my usual income, and I’ll have to make an additional £2013 in 2013 from more new stuff. Doing this in 11 months rather than 12 will be a challenge (£182 a month rather than £168) – but frankly, doing it in 12 months felt like it was going to be a challenge so an extra few more quid a month shouldn’t be a big deal. I will be asking for advice about this one quite a lot!

2. Each month, find a way to make one thing in our lives more frugal, simpler or greener.

A bit of a wide reaching one but I like making small, sustainable changes.

3. Visit all the parks and woodland around Bradford

Not specifically a frugal/simple living one but I guess it’s free, outdoor entertainment that might result in some foraging fun so maybe it is more frugal/simple living than I’d originally thought!

4. Produce something creative each week

I’d like these things to be often either practical or, eventually, sellable (to contribute to the £2012 thing) but I’d rather be doing for-the-sake-of-it creative stuff than nothing at all.

5. Finish and polish my 2011 NaNoWriMo story and finish another developed written project

I’ve been naughty – getting distracted by other stuff – and not finish-finished my 2011 NaNoWriMo story yet. It stands at around 125k so very nearly there. Must. Push. Through. To. End.

I’d also like to write & finish something else – possibly another NaNoWriMo style thing because I had a lot of fun doing that.

6. Keep a list of all the books I read (or re-read) in 2012 – and try to review them all (even if only a tweet)

Again, not particularly a frugal/simple living one but a good proportion of the books I read do have simple living type themes, one way or another, and I’m hoping I use the libraries more in 2012 too so again, some vague overlap.

What are your goals for this year? I bet you’ve all been super organised and already blogged them – if so, please do leave a link in case I’ve missed your list :)


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  1. Mo

    My main goal is to make it to December with a sound mind :)
    Sorry to anyone who finds that remark flippant but it’s how I feel today.
    Love the idea of visiting all your local parks (I’m trying to think of some I know as I type, but see above, the brain’s not working).
    I’ve never done Goals… maybe I should make that my Goal?

  2. john b

    Only two really, build a (much) bigger cider press and sell enough of this years cider to buy a powered apple mill.

  3. Rachel

    Hear, hear! Today is Imbolc (or St Brigid’s day, or Candlemass, or Groundhog day, depending on which cultural variation you prefer), which is all about new beginnings and starting to prepare the ground for spring planting. This is definitely a better time to celebrate the new year than a month ago!

    As for goals, I have a couple of things I want to get done by Easter, when relatives will be visiting. 1. Finish decorating the house, 2. Make and install solar panels. I also have the rather nebulous goal of learning Welsh, which is nebulous because I know it’ll take more than a year but I don’t know how to realistically measure a year’s worth of language learning.

  4. Naomi

    1. Try and make or repurpose *most* of my clothes this year.
    2. Write a song a month – January’s is still not finished – oops.
    3. Finish a short story and try to get it published – prob online.
    4. Finish the play I am writing.
    5. Use our Museum cards as often as we can.
    6. Keep getting better at and using my Dutch (I live in Holland)
    7. Most importantly and impossibly: try not to stress about things that are out of my control!

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