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Wheat-free week: our meal plan

Posted by on Monday 5 September 2011 in weekly meal plans | 3 comments

I stopped publishing our meal plans a couple of months ago because I didn’t know how much value they had to other people – but I thought this one may be more useful. (I have been writing the meal plans most weeks and sharing them with John on Google Docs, and boy have we felt it in the weeks when we didn’t have a plan – we’re definitely plan converts.)

So this week we’re having a wheat-free week. As far as we know, neither of us has any health problems caused or exaggerated by wheat but we eat a lot of bread & pasta, just because they’re easy fallbacks. We’re hoping a wheat-free week will encourage us to find different things to eat for lunch and for quick dinners. I also eat wheat-based (shop-bought) cereal most days for breakfast and we eat a lot of wheaty biscuits/cakes so I’ll have to find an alternative for them too.

John’s not a big fan of potatoes really so there is a lot of rice (and our normal repetition due to leftovers). We’ll probably have another wheat-free week in a couple of months – if you’ve got any recipe suggestions, do let me know :)

Monday breakfast – eggs or porridge
Monday lunch – tomato & lentil soup
Monday dinner – chicken, courgette & pepper risotto, on a bed of spinach/with salad
Monday dessert – chocolate mousse

Tuesday breakfast – eggs or porridge
Tuesday lunch – tomato & lentil soup leftovers
Tuesday dinner – chickpea & paneer with rice
Tuesday dessert – kheer

Wednesday breakfast – eggs or porridge
Wednesday lunch – chickpea & paneer leftovers, with rice
Wednesday dinner – (John might be having a movie night with friends, which may include wheaty pizza but nevermind; if not/for me) Jacket potato with tuna & cheese
Wednesday dessert – kheer

Thursday breakfast – eggs or porridge
Thursday lunch – tomato & bean soup
Thursday dinner – keema curry with rice

Friday breakfast – eggs or porridge
Friday lunch – egg salad
Friday dinner – keema curry leftovers, with rice

Saturday brunch – bacon & eggs, with hash browns
Saturday dinner – steak with vegetables
Saturday dessert – flourless chocolate cake

Sunday brunch – bacon & eggs, with hash browns
Sunday dinner – Spanish omelette (with sweet potato & peppers)
Sunday dessert – flourless chocolate cake

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This week’s meal plan

Posted by on Monday 20 June 2011 in weekly meal plans | 0 comments

Last week’s mostly-eating-from-the-freezer week was good – the closest we’ve stuck to the meal plan for a long time (aside from the beef goulash and “for next week”‘s sausage & lentil casserole swapped places).

This week should see the first not-just-salad crops from the garden – broad beans and new potatoes will definitely feature, and we might get our first courgette too. I heart this time of year :)

Sunday brunch – bacon butties (yay!)
Sunday dinner – roast beef dinner (John went to his mum & dad’s for lunch and brought a plate back for me)

Monday lunch – tomato soup with a pastrami & pickle sandwich
Monday dinner – pasta with tuna, sweetcorn, olives and chillis

Tuesday lunch – leftover pasta with tuna etc
Tuesday dinner – some sort of risotto (whatever John fancies making)

Wednesday lunch – poached eggs (hopefully! going to learn how to make them)
Wednesday dinner – the beef goulash I forgot to make in time last week

Thursday lunch – samosas, salad & pickles
Thursday dinner – leftover goulash

Friday lunch – bread, cheese & pickles
Friday dinner – new potato & broad bean salad (both from the garden, woo), with bacon/pancetta & poached egg (hopefully!)

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This week’s meal plan: using up stuff from the freezer

Posted by on Monday 13 June 2011 in weekly meal plans | 2 comments

We’re swapping things around here at the moment, with our formerly sealed coal hole becoming a proper lovely & useful utility room-ette, we’re moving our undercounter freezer down there and have got a more space efficient (and generally more efficient) fridge-freezer for the kitchen. Anyway, long story short, we’re going to have more freezer space in the long run but are using it as an opportunity for a clear out now.

Sunday brunch – sausage & egg sandwiches
Sunday dinner – pasta with John’s special pasta sauce (from the freezer)

Monday lunch – croque monsieurs, since I’ve had a craving for them for weeks :)
Monday dinner – Spanish omelette with chorizo, garlic mushrooms & peppers (to use up some cheap potatoes we got last week), with salad (homegrown!)

Tuesday lunch – sandwiches or fish & chips if Strowger gets his way ;)
Tuesday dinner – spicy smoked mackerel kedgeree (smoked mackerel from the freezer)

Wednesday lunch – curried egg mayo with toast
Wednesday dinner – John out with friends; an on-toast or doggy bag for me

Thursday lunch – tuna and salad in wraps
Thursday dinner – slow cooker beef goulash (beef from the freezer) (thanks to Katherine for the inspiration :) )

Friday lunch – samosas with pickles and salad
Friday dinner – leftover beef goulash

And a note for me for next week – use sausages from freezer to make a casserole :)

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This week’s meal plan

Posted by on Tuesday 24 May 2011 in weekly meal plans | 0 comments

A late start on this one since we were away – I did write a meal plan for our camping trip but since we cut it short and rain-stopped-bbq-play another evening, it seems a bit pointless to post it. It was very useful to have though to know what we should with us.

Tuesday lunch – bread & ham
Tuesday dinner – chicken risotto with salad

Wednesday lunch – pate on toast (for me); ham sandwich (John)
Wednesday dinner – pasta with tuna, sweetcorn, olives & chillis

Thursday lunch – curried egg mayo with bread/toast
Thursday dinner – (John out) leftover risotto (hopefully!) or jacket potato, with salad

Friday lunch – samosas with salad
Friday dinner – warm chorizo & poached egg salad, with new potatoes

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Our weekly meal plan – one meal that takes ages to make and lots of quick ones

Posted by on Monday 16 May 2011 in weekly meal plans | 0 comments

Another coming and going week – or rather I’m out Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday evenings then we’re busy at the weekend too. Lots of quick meals…

Sunday brunch – sausages & homemade bread
Sunday dinner – the exciting (veggie) experimental ravioli I was too tired to cook on Friday night, with salad

Monday lunch – curried egg mayo sandwiches
Monday dinner – pasta with chorizo & olives, with salad for me; leftover ravioli with chorizo, for John

Tuesday lunch – some sort of tomato-ey veggie soup with bread (possibly tomato and lentil soup)
Tuesday dinner – dinner out with my friend Katherine?

Wednesday lunch – more soup with bread and cheese
Wednesday dinner – jacket potatoes (with tuna & salad or cheese & beans)

Thursday lunch – bread’n’cheese’n’stuff
Thursday dinnersmoked mackerel kedgeree

Friday brunch – scrambled eggs & toast
Friday dinner – burgers

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