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Our weekly meal plan – one meal that takes ages to make and lots of quick ones

Posted by on Monday 16 May 2011 in weekly meal plans | 0 comments

Another coming and going week – or rather I’m out Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday evenings then we’re busy at the weekend too. Lots of quick meals…

Sunday brunch – sausages & homemade bread
Sunday dinner – the exciting (veggie) experimental ravioli I was too tired to cook on Friday night, with salad

Monday lunch – curried egg mayo sandwiches
Monday dinner – pasta with chorizo & olives, with salad for me; leftover ravioli with chorizo, for John

Tuesday lunch – some sort of tomato-ey veggie soup with bread (possibly tomato and lentil soup)
Tuesday dinner – dinner out with my friend Katherine?

Wednesday lunch – more soup with bread and cheese
Wednesday dinner – jacket potatoes (with tuna & salad or cheese & beans)

Thursday lunch – bread’n’cheese’n’stuff
Thursday dinnersmoked mackerel kedgeree

Friday brunch – scrambled eggs & toast
Friday dinner – burgers

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