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RIP Buff the Chicken

Posted by on Friday 10 June 2011 in chickens | 10 comments

Buff, our buff Leghorn chicken, died overnight last night.

It wasn’t unexpected – every day for the last week I’ve gone down to the run and been surprised that she was still alive.

On Wednesday, after a good few days in isolation with her own protected food supply, she did look a bit brighter but yesterday seemed to fade again. When I checked on her yesterday evening, she looked like she’d gone but when I touched her, her still bright eyes bounced open and she bwarked a bit to let me know she still didn’t like me, no matter how much time I’ve spent looking after her and giving her treats over the last few days.

Buff wasn’t the friendliest chicken, in fact she was a bit of a pain in the bum – not laying for ages and being noisy – but it’s still sad that’s she’s died. She was a pretty pure breed leghorn, with a fabulous floppy comb and her eggs, when she deigned to lay, were pure white.

She’s buried in the wooded bit of the garden.


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  1. Sam

    Poor girl, I am sorry x

  2. Lorna

    Sorry to hear about Buff. RIP

  3. Karen M

    Pain in the bum or not, they always find their ways into our hearts. When I lived in the country, the burial places of our critters were named after them. (Ratso ravine, Sluggo Field
    etc.,) Whether or not they are companion animals or not, they do get to us.

  4. bookstorebabe

    I’m sorry about Buff.

  5. Linda

    If you can plant a fruit tree on top it will do exceptionally well!!
    Sorry for your loss, it’s always sad

  6. Alison

    So sorry to hear the sad news x

  7. sara

    O poor buff..our dark daisy passed away last week…she is buried under the conker tree in our garden…

  8. Su

    Sorry to hear about Buff, even when you’re expecting it,it’s still a horrible thing.

  9. louisa

    Thanks for the kind words everyone.

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