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Today, I’ve: Built a cold-smoking cabinet/mini-smoke house Cursed the sun because just as I finished the latter, it came out and made it too hot to cold smoke cheese without it melting all over the place Cleaned out the chicken coop Hung out a load of washing, which, of course, caused the sun to go [...]

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As I mentioned in passing in my last post, we’re in the middle of a courgette-glut. Unfortunately the glut started in the second busiest week of my year (the summer showcase at drama – meaning I work about 60hrs instead of the usual 35hrs) so the courgettes didn’t get picked on time – and they [...]

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This will be an occasional series of posts documenting my worst buys over the years and why they were a mistake. I hope it’ll help me – and other people – learn from my mistakes. When we moved into our new house last autumn, there was an old garden swing cemented into the patio in [...]

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