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Slow rise bread is awesome and here’s my top five reasons why. 1. Slow rise bread is really easy and, waiting aside, quick to make. While it usually takes about 18 hours from start to finish so requires plenty of forethought if you want it for a particular meal, it only takes about 5-10 minutes [...]

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Today, I’ve: Built a cold-smoking cabinet/mini-smoke house Cursed the sun because just as I finished the latter, it came out and made it too hot to cold smoke cheese without it melting all over the place Cleaned out the chicken coop Hung out a load of washing, which, of course, caused the sun to go [...]

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I’ve been intrigued by the idea of curing & smoking food for a while but I only started to seriously consider doing it when Martin from Old Sleningford Farm mentioned a) how cheap cheddar can be transformed by a little time in a smoker and b) how easy it is to build a garden smokehouse. [...]

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While going about our chores, we had lunch in Saltaire on Saturday. We only wanted something light so got sandwiches – but when they arrived, the plates piled high with food – enormous sandwiches, stacks of salad and a generous portion of homemade coleslaw. It’s not often we’re overfaced by food portions but it happened [...]

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After the pickling success a few weeks ago, I wanted to find other ways to use wild garlic seed pods for the year. Experiment 1: Mint and wild garlic seed pods pesto *Everyone* makes pesto from wild garlic leaves so I decided to give it a go with the pods and mint leaves. (After the [...]

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I intended to write more about wild garlic pods today but we cooked up such a bargainacious storm last night I can’t resist telling you about it. I spotted a perfectly-fine looking 2kg shoulder of lamb in the reduced-to-clear section of the supermarket a few weeks ago. It was less than an hour before closing [...]

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