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These are all the posts in the “frugal” category.

Frugality is the centre point of this blog – a lot of the cooking, making, growing, and chickening posts are also really frugal living ideas. You may also be interested in charity shopping (aka using thrift stores) and anti-consumerism stuff.

We’ve got out of the swing of baking bread recently – partly due to general winter lethargy and partly due to the fact that we’d struggle to get yeast do its thing. It would be very difficult to grow a slow rise bread – one that needs a good 12-18 hours to rise. With our [...]

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A little background in case you’ve not seen my earlier post: I’m having a no spend “week” – well, a no spend fortnight+, until the end of the year. It was an impromptu idea – I often have no spend days, probably even weeks, without really noticing it but I wanted to have a conscious [...]

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A couple of weeks ago, I set up poll asking what drives people’s frugality. Part of the reason I asked is because a lot of frugal living blogs/personal finance sites are really focused around paying off debt. People detail their debts and progress in paying them off in their signatures on every comment/forum post – [...]

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Yes, I know I’m having a no spend week/fortnight+ at the moment but one of my exceptions was food because it was an impromptu decision not to spend anything and I knew we’d be off to the supermarket this week for our once-monthly shop. If I’d planned the week more, we’d have gone last week [...]

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The other day, I had one of those slap-forehead moments – I realised it’s far too easy for me to buy stuff on Amazon and Paypal. It’s one of the things that sparked off my impromptu no-spend week. My credit card details are saved on both so I don’t even have to stand up and [...]

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I’ve decided to have an impromptu no-spend week this week. Well, actually, not a no-spend week – a no-spend fortnight-plus, until the end of the year. No spending days/weeks/months are an often promoted technique by frugal/anti-consumerism people but I’d never really done it before. Many of my days are no spend days, I probably have [...]

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