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These are all the posts in the “growing” category.

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Hurrah, in the midst all this fervent frugality and frozen frigidity, I’ve been reminded that summer – and growing – will come again. Yesterday, as the snow was coming down pretty hard, the postman delivered an parcel of live plants which I ordered back in November – a baby lingonberry bush, a baby cranberry bush [...]

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I don’t mean feeding the girls, they get more than enough. No, I mean feeding wild birds. Last winter, we had bird feeder on the balcony stocked with wild bird seed and nuts from our local miscellanea store – I think the squirrels raided it more than the birds but we regularly saw feathered ones [...]

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I’ve just posted this question over at UKVegGardeners but thought I’d post it here too – all suggestions very gratefully received! I’ve not really grown any fruit before but have big plans for 2011 (don’t we all?). As well as getting some (currently on order) trees in and containers of soft berries etc, I’ve had [...]

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It’s super foggy here this morning so I need some ace inspiration to get going – and I thought you might need some too. Here are some of my favourite reads from the last few weeks… Ana White makes things that always excite me – demystifying woodwork and creating fab bits of furniture cheaply and [...]

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I think this time of year may be favourite part of gardening – when I get to start making exciting plans for next year from the comfort of the sofa. Mmm, sofa. So far, I’m planning the following – and thankfully, it doesn’t look like I’ve have to spend too much more on new seeds. [...]

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As I said in my post about our fungi forage last weekend, that walk taught me to confidently identify about half a dozen wild mushroom species, and the wild food walk we did in the early summer taught me how to identify another half dozen things, mostly green leaves. These built on things I’d learnt [...]

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