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Winter IS coming*

Posted by on Saturday 6 October 2012 in house | 3 comments

* Why yes, I am currently reading Clash of Kings to stave off longing for the third Game of Thrones TV series ;)

Our home is lovely in summer – breakfast on the balcony in the morning sun, everywhere fresh and green, and then retreat from the heat and sunshine into the always cool office – but for us, it’s more special in winter.

I think it’s because we moved in at the end of September, when autumn was properly upon us before the super cold winter a few years ago. One of the first things we did was to have a stove fitted and that cold winter is marked in my memory by learning to split logs and chopping kindling, then curling up in front of the stove with the cats and John, it feeling like that warm room was the whole world.

I chopped my first batch of kindling for Winter 2012-3 a couple of weeks ago and it reminded me of that first winter again. Today I chopped some more, nearly filling the kindling dustbin, that’ll keep us going for a little while. I also pulled out the last of the tomato plants out of the greenhouse and rearranged a few things in there so it’s ready to house the less-hardy pots and plants from the garden (herbs, mostly) – another ‘the coming of winter’ chore. Meanwhile the chickens scratched through the leaves that have already fallen (surprisingly few at the moment) and John spent the afternoon fitting a hugely complicated curtain rail in our five-sided bay window in the living room. We haven’t had (or needed) curtains in there since we decorated in the spring but now it’s growing colder, they’re important again.

All in all, an afternoon of basic winter prep.

Have you been doing anything to get ready for winter this weekend?


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  1. bookstorebabe

    Not yet! All I’ve done is drag out the warm comforter. I do need to start prepping for cold weather soon.

  2. PipneyJane

    Welcome back, Louisa! It’s good to “hear” your voice again.

    So far, our winter prep consists of finding the quilt that I snuggle under on a winter’s night. I seriously have to start doing some. There are veggies I want to plant now, to over-winter, and the garden looks as if napalm is the only option for clearing the weeds!

  3. Karen

    Hi I’m new on here. I’m so pleased I’ve found you Louisa. I have found so many useful tips and ideas. I have weeded all my veggie plots and yes it did look awful but its clear now and I’ve also cleared out the greenhouse. I have to get a new chicken house as the one we have is 6 years old and its had its day. All my winter quilts are washed and on the beds. My main concern now is re-stocking my larder cupboard ready for the winter. We have no gas or mains sewerage so as you can guess we are rural and we snowed in regularly. My daughter loves being sledged to the school bus stop though. Sorry for rambling on and thanks again for a wonderful site.

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