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These are all the posts in the “bad buys” category, part of the general frugal living section.

Bad buys are things I bought and regret. I hope by writing about them I’ll learn from my mistakes – and maybe other people can benefit too.

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Another in my occasional series of laments about bad buys I’ve made. I love eBay. We call our house “the house that eBay built” because we bought so much stuff – appliances, furniture, accessories – off eBay in the first few months after we moved in. I use it as a find-anything bazaar and a [...]

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This is another cross-post between The Really Good Life and my recycling blog, How Can I Recycle This? The first stage of the recycling triangle is Reduce – reduce the amount of things you buy/use and buy items that’ll last and can be repaired rather than ones that need replacing frequently. A key rule of [...]

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This will be an occasional series of posts documenting my worst buys over the years and why they were a mistake. I hope it’ll help me – and other people – learn from my mistakes. When we moved into our new house last autumn, there was an old garden swing cemented into the patio in [...]

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