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Having missed the window last year, we are keen to get some fruit trees plants this autumn – but it’s not as easy as we thought it would be. The difficulty is partly, mostly our own fault of course. We could buy misc off-the-shelf trees from a garden centre but since we’ve only really got [...]

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You know how the other week, I said it had been a disappointing growing year? Well, this is a case in point. This potato was the funniest shaped vegetable we grew this year. How disappointing is that, huh? Sure, he’s got a face but that’s not comedy testicles, is it?

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I thought I’d share a little link love this afternoon – stuff I’ve seen on other frugal living, growing & cooking sites that I think you might enjoy too. First up, Kate from Living the Frugal Live has revisited two seasonal posts from last year: her quick & easy leaf compost trick and collecting & [...]

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So the summer growing season is just about over here. We’ve still got some chillis growing and ripening, and there is some winter-time veg still on the go, but the summer is just about done. As our first summer in our new house, I always said it was going to be a year of experimentation [...]

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I had yesterday largely away off work/from my computer in order to catch up on my preserving. As I tweeted last night: Today I’ve made 5.5lbs of spicy marrow chutney, 3lbs of marrow & chilli jam, 4lbs of blackberry & apple jam, & 3lbs of spicy plum chutney. Also made 3lbs of ratatouille & 2 [...]

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On Saturday, I harvested the last of the marrows – just under 10kg in total. We’ll get some more courgettes yet – a dozen more or so at least – but they’ve slowed down their production enough that we’ll keep on top of them now so no more massive ones. I decided to bring them [...]

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