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Here’s the first recipe from my preserving marathon on Tuesday: spicy marrow chutney. With all the different spices, it’s got a very full taste rather than a one-note blast of chilli heat. It’s not the texture of either smooth jelly-like jam nor chunky like Branston — although it would be possible to make it like [...]

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On Saturday, I harvested the last of the marrows – just under 10kg in total. We’ll get some more courgettes yet – a dozen more or so at least – but they’ve slowed down their production enough that we’ll keep on top of them now so no more massive ones. I decided to bring them [...]

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After writing up the wild plum jam recipe the last week, I realised that I hadn’t written about the super easy marrow and ginger jam I made a few weeks ago. We’ve had a lot of marrows this year – more by accident than design — too many courgette plants to keep up with. I [...]

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Just a quick heads up that over on Recycle This, we’ve had a few relevant posts this week. Yesterday, I asked how to fix jam that was too runny or too solid – and lots of other jam related reuse/recycle questions. And today I’m asking about reuses for marrow & squash leaves, other than just [...]

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In my previous post, I wrote about saving marrow/courgette seeds and mentioned that the marrow I had was just going from ripe to overripe. I had no particular plans to eat the marrow – we like courgettes a lot but thought, since the variety was billed as a courgette, it would be tasteless as a [...]

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As I mentioned in passing in my last post, we’re in the middle of a courgette-glut. Unfortunately the glut started in the second busiest week of my year (the summer showcase at drama – meaning I work about 60hrs instead of the usual 35hrs) so the courgettes didn’t get picked on time – and they [...]

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