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A year of The Really Good Life

Posted by on Friday 24 June 2011 in Featured, meta | 10 comments

Well what’dya know, it’s a year today since I started this blog!

My first posts were about growing salad leaves, pickling wild garlic seed pods (which is something I’ve been meaning to do again this year but haven’t got around to it), some bargain batch-cooked dinners and about getting our first chickens – and our first egg.

What’s happened in the last year?

  • We got the chickens – and got more but then lost two. But still ate a whole lot of eggs.
  • Made fresh pasta from scratch for the first time – a big deal for pasta lovers like us!
  • Made my first jams & chutneys – a whole cupboard full

  • Baked a whole lot of new stuff
  • Refined some of my favourite recipes while trying to write them up
  • Added a new (small) room to the house – will post pics in a couple of weeks when it’s decorated
  • Had a “no spend” almost-month and kept a spending diary since the start of this year – which has made me more conscious about casual spending
  • Surprised myself by not buying any clothes for seven months and counting

  • Had some growing successes in our first year here – and our second year is off to a good start
  • Planted lots of fruit trees and bushes/li>
  • Made lots of new internet friends :D

I think the main thing that’s happened in the last year though is that between writing about things on here (and getting feedback – thanks for all the comments, guys!) and reading about all the exciting things other people are doing (both in the comments here and on their own blogs), I’ve been inspired to try things I’ve long wanted to try and experiment with other things that I didn’t even know I wanted to try!

Basically, it’s been a really good year :D


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  1. fran

    Happy Blog Anniversary! I have enjoyed reading your blog, keep up the good work x

  2. Maria

    Congratulations on one year of blogging! It sounds like you’ve done a lot in one year – learned a lot and tried lots of new things!

    You also write like you’ve been writing forever, rather than like it was a new venture :)

  3. sara

    Congratulations Louisa..lovely blog from a lovely lady.

  4. bookstorebabe

    Congratulations! I always enjoy reading. Inspiring, informative, and fun! Best wishes to you.

  5. Hazel

    Happy Anniversary!Here’s to another year…

  6. Mo

    Happy Anniversary! and well done :) You’ve had a busy year.

  7. Poppy

    Happy first year blogging!! I have only just found your blog but am looking forward to catching up with your last year and on to the next.

  8. Sooz

    Yey! Happy blogiversary!

  9. louisa

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes and kind words everyone! :)

  10. Alison

    Happy (belated) blog birthday!!

    I’m just catching up with 3 weeks worth of blog reading, I do enjoy your blog, really interesting and lots of different stuff going on.

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