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Bad Puns

We made another shelter for the chickens yesterday. My mum calls them “smoking shelters” and I guess the principle is the same – although if I find out our little girls are smoking in there*, there will be hell to pay ;) My original idea of duplicating the first shelter just using bigger pallets didn’t [...]

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From an IM chat with my friend Katherine… New Cluck Debenhens Clucci Henley’s Hennes (old school name for H&M) Cropshop John Flewis Marks and Hencers And for their underwear: Bwarkissimo (for big breasted birds) La Henza (I’m sorry.) (Mrs Mauve can’t even look at me any more.)

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Last week, I called it a day on a contracting gig – my main external work – which made up over half of my not-exactly-massive monthly income. In many ways, it was a great job (and I’m not just saying that because I know three people from the company are probably reading this… ;) ) [...]

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